Shocking Things In Top Gun That Make No Sense!! 

A great movie like Top Gun belongs in the top ten of all time. The story, the characters, the dialogue, the aircraft, the rivalry with the Russians, and an unbeatable soundtrack has impressed every fan. There are many reasons why we love this movie so much. 

But what if we tell you that there are also a few inexplicable things? Here are the top most inexplicable things in Top Gun movies.

Things That Make No Sense In Top Gun 

Top Gun
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An unruly military!! 

Top Gun is one of the most famous military movies of all time. The movie is full of action and adventure, and the military is a big part of that. 

However, the military in the Top Gun movies has no consequences. There are no rules or regulations that the characters have to follow. 

They can do whatever they want and never worry about the effects. This makes no sense and is one of the biggest problems with Top Gun movies.

Maverick regularly disobeys orders by going off on his own

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Every time he flies, he violates the law by flying below the “hard deck,” or minimum altitude for training exercises designed to protect civilians. 

However, his reckless behavior doesn’t end up hurting anyone but himself. His recklessness gets his best friend Goose killed, although he’s cleared of wrongdoing.

No one takes Iceman seriously

As aggressive and profane as Iceman comes across, he is too competent of a pilot to have earned his reputation; he is more skilled than Maverick at the technical aspects of flying. 

He is level-headed under pressure, sticks to his strengths, and persistently turns out quality maneuvering. 

However, no one heeds his warnings about Maverick’s reckless flying for some reason.

Perhaps they think reports of such concern are merely jealousy on the part that a hotshot like Maverick would be gunning for the title that should belong to someone so capable as him.

Maverick is getting Goose’s Dog tags instead of his family

Top Gun
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Maverick doesn’t directly kill Goose, but he feels like maybe if he had done things differently, the outcome would have been different. 

Maverick can tell that Goose meant a lot to him and feels responsible not only for his death but also for not being there when he needed him. 

Maverick’s uncle is someone who has also meant a lot to him in life, so much so that Maverick gives him Goose’s dog tags as well – something that might seem cruel at first because one would expect that they go to Goose’s family instead of his best friend; after all, they are Goose’s “tag team.” 

Yet perhaps Maverick is grateful for the sacrifice his friend made on his behalf and thought it was the right thing to do.

Maverick is getting a chance to do things his way

Top Gun makes Maverick a hero, even though his decisions directly put lives in danger. While his superiors deride his individualistic attitude, he’s given chance after chance to get things done “his way.”


We hope you enjoyed our article about the Top Gun movies. There’s no doubt that these movies are classic when it comes to action, but there are a few things about the film that are truly inexplicable. 

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