These Dragon Ball Characters Can Easily Defeat Black Frieza

With his new transformation, Frieza is now the universe’s strongest being. So, can any of the Dragon Ball characters defeat him? 

Frieza escaped both the eradication of Planet Namek and was split in half by his energy disc. 

Future Trunks then caused Frieza to die for the first time. In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F, which was eventually turned into Dragon Ball Super, Frieza was revived for the first time. 

Frieza is a constant character in Dragon Ball in recent times. Except for one trip back to Earth alongside Broly following the Tournament of Power, Frieza has maintained a low profile. 

Recently, Frieza found a Room of Space and Time, where he spent many hours training to master his new Black Frieza form and vastly outclass Goku and Vegeta. 

So, here is the list of Dragon Ball characters who can defeat Black Frieza.

Which Dragon Ball Characters Can Defeat Black Frieza? 

The odds-on favorite to defeat the villain is always Goku

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Since Goku is the primary character in Dragon Ball, he naturally stands out as the best Dragon Ball character who can defeat Black Frieza. Goku still prevailed even though the Buu arc supported Gohan, Goten, and Trunks in their fight against Buu. 

Goku lasted when Vegeta had Frieza on his knees. Goku triumphed after the Moro arc demonstrated Vegeta’s character growth while practicing on Yardrat. Goku will probably be the one to take down Black Frieza in some way.

Goku’s mastery of Ultra Instinct might enable him to take on an even more heavenly form, aligning him with Black Frieza. Don’t be shocked if Goku wins again, regardless of how the fight with Frieza plays out.

Vegeta must now defeat Frieza

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Vegeta deserves the glory of beating Black Frieza more than any other character. 

Few personalities have personally experienced Frieza’s long-lasting rule and survived to tell the tale. Vegeta has had to live with the knowledge that Frieza destroyed most of the Saiyan race in addition to his father.

Zeno may need to handle Frieza because he is too powerful

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Sometimes the villain is so strong that they effectively take on the form of a sickness that is destroying every world one by one. 

In Zamasu’s instance, his quest for immortality made it impossible for him to pass away for good. Goku summoned Zeno from Future Trunks’ universe in a last-ditch effort.

Frieza might fail if he challenges Beerus

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Majin Buu and Beerus are two beings Frieza supposedly said his father had warned him to stay away from. Majin Buu has since been defeated, but Goku and his comrades continue to have Beerus as an ally. Since then, Frieza’s worldview has grown to include knowledge of other universes and gods who are much more potent than Beerus.

Gohan’s latest transformation is sufficient

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Gohan gains a significant power increase from Gohan Beast, putting him at least on a level with Goku and Vegeta. Given that Frieza was still alive in Super Hero, it is likely that this manga’s upcoming story arc won’t deal with him. 

Gohan gets the opportunity to complete the work that his grandfather, Bardock, began if the manga arc that follows Super Hero takes place after Super Hero.

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