The Watcher Marvel’s Future In MCU Revealed – These Details Will Shock You!

If you are new to the Marvel world wondering who is the Watcher Marvel? Here is everything you need to know.

The earliest known appearance of a Watcher was in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s FANTASTIC FOUR #13, published in 1963. The First Race pursued the Red Ghost into space in that key issue, where they discovered a wrecked metropolis in the “Blue Area of the Moon.” When the super squad began battling the Ghost and his Super-Apes, The Watcher Marvel emerged to put a halt to the combat and provide a short history of his existence.

The Watcher Marvel
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Who Are The Watchers?

If previous comic book discoveries are correct, the Watchers are one of Marvel Comics’ earliest civilizations, perhaps “The First Race” in the cosmos. This species was one of the earliest spacefaring cultures. This is actually a collection of extraterrestrial beings that make up the Watchers.

A delegation led by a Watcher named Ikor attempted to ‘help’ a less-advanced race known as the Prosilicans by providing its deep knowledge of atomic energy with this comparatively immature civilization.

At first, everything seemed to be going well for the Prosilicans, but years later, they discovered that their allies had annihilated their society owing to the nuclear technology they had learned. The few surviving Prosilicans blamed their would-be saviors for handing them the technology they could not properly use.

The Watcher Marvel
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The whole Watcher civilization switched course due to this revelation, vowing to operate as watchers and documentarians of the cosmos and never to meddle again. Ikor’s son, Uatu, was one of the lone voices opposing this, arguing that their efforts to aid others were honorable and should not be fully terminated, but his appeals were unnoticed by the Watcher hierarchy.

Think of the Watchers’ rule as a more severe form of Starfleet’s Prime Command – do not meddle with other civilizations. While Starfleet grants exceptions from time to time, the Watchers do not, and those of their type who break the pledge face a harsh penalty.

Uatu was appointed to monitor the Sol solar system and its major planet, Earth, when the Watchers’ new normal took hold. Uatu saw the creation and expansion of parallel Earths and realized the Earth’s civilization flourished from his base on the Blue Side of The Moon.

Who Is Uatu The Watcher In MCU?

Uatu is the name of The Watcher Marvel who keeps an eye on Earth and its surroundings. Uatu resides in the “Blue Area of the Moon,” where he records and observes all of the big Marvel events as they unfold. 

Uatu, on the other hand, is not highly successful at the non-interference portion of his job because of his intense interest and affection for Earth. Uatu has violated his word approximately 400 times, according to the Dreaming Celestial, interfering in Earth’s affairs in both large and little events. 

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As a result, Uatu has often clashed with his fellow Watchers. Uatu, on the other hand, would form a relationship with a fellow Watcher called Ulana over time, and she would ultimately move in with him on his lunar sanctuary, falling pregnant.

The Watcher Comic History

The Watchers were thought to be the cosmos’s earliest species, dedicated to studying and accumulating information on all parts of the universe without interruption. The race’s actual name has been lost; they named themselves after the work they undertake. This principle of non-interference arose from the Watchers’ well-intentioned effort to bestow wisdom to another race, which ended in that race’s destruction.

Despite this, The Watcher Marvel Uatu disclosed himself to the Fantastic Four superhero team and supported them against world dangers such as the Molecule Man and the Over-Mind on multiple occasions. Uatu was placed on trial by his own species for blatantly interfering with the mission of Kree soldier Mar-vell but was freed on the condition that he would never actively intervene again.

His species banned uatu after assisting the Fantastic Four in combating the danger posed by his renegade nephew, Aron, who attempted to destroy the universe. According to the Dreaming Celestial, The Watcher Marvel had breached his non-interference contract about 400 times. The Celestials also disclosed that the Watchers, like the Celestials, were slaves of a notion known as Fulcrum, which had ominous repercussions for interfering with it.

All of the Watchers’ information was placed in a single, massive Watcher named The One and the Cyclopedia Universum.

How Powerful Is The Watcher?

The Watcher Marvel possesses a variety of psionic and cosmic talents, including heightened cosmic awareness, which allows him to witness numerous occurrences on cosmos simultaneously, giving him a broader vision and perspective. He may also alter his appearance at a whim if he wants to monitor events on any planet in secret.  

Flying, energy manipulation, and force fields are among Uatu’s other cosmic abilities. The Watcher may also gaze into and watch various realms and Earths if he desires, albeit this is a unique power to Uatu, who has been granted permission by the Timekeepers to possess a gateway through which he can look into and view those other dimensions.

The Watcher’s residence in the Blue Area of the Moon is crammed with weaponry, gadgets, and artifacts he has amassed throughout the course of the universe’s chronology. Not only that, Uatu is almost immortal, his long life enabling him to live indefinitely until the universe collapses, allowing him to keep documenting and watching till then. However, Uatu the Watcher is immortal does not mean he is impervious.

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Things Comic Book Fans Know About Watcher

Concept of The Watcher

It is only reasonable that there are innumerable copies of the Watchers since they monitor the cosmos. Earth-1610, the universe of the Ultimate Comics series, is one of the fascinating spots for comic book lovers. The Watchers are totem-like robots with odd red eyes, not gigantic cosmic entities. 

These Watchers do not meddle, but they do express their nature by speaking via hosts. Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, was one of these hosts. Rick Jones was another, and he would become their ambassador in the world.

What Is The First Race?

The First Race, the first civilization to arise in the whole universe, is shown to be the Watchers in the 2020 event “Empyre.” The Cotati invaders of Earth had gotten their hands on the First Race’s old and formidable technology.

The weapons have yet to be exposed, and it is unclear what they symbolize, but Uatu The Watcher Marvel hinted that a conflict was on the way, perhaps implying that a confrontation is coming between parts of the Watchers who still follow their mandate and others who plainly don’t.

The Trial Of Uatu

In Captain Marvel #37 and 38, Uatu’s sequence of tiny interventions would grow into large ones. The Watchers placed him on trial for breaching his oath when he actively intervened in a confrontation between Captain Marvel and a group of Kree soldiers who had turned against the hero.

The board let Uatu go with notice this time, but his proclivity for overstepping his limits would exist in the future, and he becomes a prominent player in the Marvel Universe and may perhaps do so in the MCU as well.

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Emergence Of Galactus

When Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, approached to engulf the Earth, Uatu’s neutrality was put to the test. Despite swearing not to meddle, Uatu indulged in a philosophical dispute with Galactus and even attempted to conceal Earth from him.

It’s the first time Uatu has broken his promise of non-interference. When it looks like nothing can rescue Earth, he helps the Human Torch to discover the Ultimate Nullifier; the universe’s one weapon that Galactus dreads.

About The Prosilicans

The Watchers learned through hard experience how not to intervene with the evolution of less advanced civilizations, much like the Prime Directive in Star Trek canon. They watched the Prosilicans, an extraterrestrial race that was about to be attacked by another planet.

The Watchers gave the Prosilicans nuclear power, which they soon used to obliterate their civilization. The Watchers’ involvement in any form was put on hold due to this; however, discussion about the best course of action for them continued later on.

How Can Watcher Influence MCU?

Jeffrey Wright’s Watcher, a mysterious figure previously believed to function as a storyteller for the series while maintaining a focus on all of its diverse universes, is one essential aspect linking these hypotheticals together.

However, the Watcher’s function in the series is not limited to that extent only. The recently released “What If…?” The executive producer has detailed how this character’s position will reflect the original comics.

 “The Watcher always appears when things get really important and scary,” Winderbaum told Inverse.

The Watcher Marvel
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Winderbaum’s words, when coupled with the recent confirmation that Captain Carter would feature in numerous episodes of “What If…?” and interacting with the Watcher, we can understand that the Disney+ animated series will be more than just a speculative compilation of several possibilities. 

However, the Watcher’s unpredictability and independent nature may transform The Watcher of “What If…?” into a kind of comic-book plot that will alter the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we realize it.

Final Thoughts Regarding The Watcher Marvel

As part of Disney Plus’ “What If…?” animation series, Uatu the Watcher has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here, we have presented every hereabouts regarding The Watcher Marvel. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the article and understood what you should expect in the future from this Marvel character.

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