The Vampire Diaries: Shocking Things That Only Adults Noticed

Eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries have been concluded already. The series is truly a bread & butter for adolescence and has something most mysterious, full of horror scenes and a lot of drama. The brutal portrayal of supernatural figures always amazes the audience. While the characters add extra spice to it. 

The mystic falls, and supernatural figures developed a rich mythology to keep the show fresh. The entire series was grounded on Elena’s love triangle with Damon and Stefan’s seamlessly rich tapestry of history and backstory. 

Though there are a lot of characters in The Vampire Diaries easily noticed, yet some corsets and cravats come as the darker element of the show, something that only adults notice. 

So, let’s see whether you catch these steamy and scary things on the Vampire Diaries? 

Things Only Adults Noticed In The Vampire Diaries!! 

Elena Is Ruthlessly Depressed

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Elena Gilbert has pretty much luck in the entire department of death and life. But after the death of his parents in the car crash, Elena loses her interest in cheerleading, hobbies, and friends. 

She used to be depressed and overthink all the time. Along with this, she also forgot how to enjoy her life alongside Caroline. 

Elena used to write in her diary “I am fine” and also used the therapist’s threat to get rid of depression and her brother. 

However, Truth is far from reality, they both need counseling, but they weren’t ashamed of this. Later the therapy has proven to be a game-changer for them. 

Damon Was on Immoral Side of Civil War

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The next thing only adults notice in The Vampire Diaries is that Damon is on the civil war’s wrong side. 

Stefan and Damon lived as humans during the Civil war. However, the series ran in flashback sequences when signed with the Emancipation Proclamation. Damon also dresses in a confederate uniform during the flashback. 

But the entire series of The Vampire Diaries gives only a little context to exactly what he is fighting for. 

The Confederacy sought to perpetuate white supremacy by preserving enslavement in the most basic terms. Damon fought for this horrifying “cause” in 1864 before turning into a vampire.

The series fails to discuss the actuality of the Confederacy while in history lectures. Countless young teenagers yearn to see Damon in the uniform, yet the image has ominous overtones. 

Damon reveals that his father compelled him to enlist, but when Katherine notes in a flashback that he is “going to defend the South,” the story ends there. When defending his decision to leave, Damon states that he disagrees with the Rebellion.

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Stefan was the Predatory and a Stalker 

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The series portrays Stefan as the “good guy” of the two Salvatore brothers, although he’s just as evil as his brother Damon. 

Stefan goes straight to Elena after starting at Mystic Falls High. She has no idea that she resembles his insane ex (vampire) lover Katherine from 1864. 

Stefan, it turns out, was the one who rescued Elena after her parents drowned off the Wickery Bridge. 

Stefan chases Elena and lures her into dating him because he can’t seem to let go of his infatuation. It doesn’t matter if she’s 17 and he’s 161 before they meet.

Is Alaric The Legal Guardian of Gilberts? 

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Some of the mystics’ fall parents are not present physically in their kids’ lives, and Jeremy’s and Elena’s guardians aren’t alive.

The Young Aunt Jenna becomes the legal guardian. But when she is turned into a Vampire by Klaus, he kills her in a ritual.

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