The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes Gets A Shocking Ending!! 

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We are all saddened that there will be no season 5 for Legacies. The final episode was aired on 16th June 2022. This episode has closed the doors of the Salvatore School on the CW with its finale episode. However, one of the most satisfying things was the Vampire Diaries Caroline got the ending she deserves!! 

The Final Goodbyes 

The Vampire Diaries Caroline
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The finale episode of the Legacies has been witnessing the close of the stories of our favorite characters. We had Leo Howard, aka Ethan, being killed in the previous episode and thus left the Salvatore School. 

In all the seasons here, we had the headmaster Alaric boast about how he started the school and never recognized and gave due consideration to the Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes and her contributions. But here we now witness the headmaster Alaric, played by Matthew Davis, resign from his post and take his way. 

The Salvatore School – Brainchild of The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes 

The Vampire Diaries Caroline
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If we go back to the show’s beginning, we would recall how Caroline became the audience’s favorite and had the most dynamic character that held the show together. 

But her tragic loss left us shattered when she lost the love of her life, her husband, Stefan. But she did give in to the circumstances and kept moving on by opening the Salvatore School with Alaric. So we know how both established the Salvatore School to keep Josie and Lizzie safe and other children holding supernatural powers. 

Also how Klaus helped the Vampire Diaries Caroline with the funds so that he could keep Hope safe. Also, we all know that the Salvatore School is located in the Salvatore Mansion, the house of Damon and Stefan, the deceased husband of the Vampire Diaries Caroline. 

It is well known that the Legacies do not serve the characters their rightful end, so gradually, the Vampire Diaries Caroline was barely mentioned in the show. Those who have been viewing the show since the beginning know how Caroline’s name also would hardly be heard in the series. 

There were many characters whose end was quite abrupt, like Ethan, Finch, Ryan, and Rafael. It seemed the writers did not know what to do with these characters and how abruptly they were written off. There was no surviving character other than The Vampire Diaries Caroline, who had been so ignored. Now that Caroline has become the school’s headmistress, it is her rightful status. 

A Spinoff in the Future

The Vampire Diaries Caroline
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We have got the hint that we might have a spinoff of Vampire Diaries in the recent future. The creator of the show Julie Plec has confirmed this, and we are so happy about it.

However, we have no idea how it is going to shape up. It might not be running around the Salvatore School anymore as that point of view is already executed. But we are hopeful that the inclusion of the Vampire Diaries Caroline will surely be there!!

Wrapping Up

So we finally are in an absolute state of happiness to witness a deserving credit to Caroline Forbes, and we hope to view more of her in the future.

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