What Is The Umbrella Academy Christopher? Where Did He Come From?

The Umbrella Academy Christopher, a cube from The Sparrow Academy, is introduced in the latest chapter. In the family of siblings, the seventh child is also the most proficient at firing potent pistonic blasts. It was initially irritating because Christopher’s origin was unknown, and his appearance was similar to an odd cube material. This only added to our confusion about Christopher’s existence. 

Nonetheless, Christopher is treated equally by his Sparrow Academy siblings. Even after raising concerns about Christopher, The Umbrella Academy received no response from their end. The Umbrella Academy continued to look into the mystery of The Umbrella Academy Christopher, an unusual cube material, but they couldn’t come up with a solid explanation. 

We learned at the start of Season three that Sir Reginald had adopted seven babies in 1989, trying to imply that Christopher was not the cube from the start. He was a human infant.

What Is The Umbrella Academy Christopher? 

The Umbrella Academy Christopher
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Christopher has a high chance of being an alien because Harlan’s power outburst accidentally killed the mothers of 43 children, stopping them from being born. 

Sir Reginald may have gathered Sparrow academy members from beyond the Earth.

If not, Christopher may have been artificially transformed. And was originally a normal child who had an accident. Sir Reginald couldn’t bear the thought of losing his child, so he transformed Christopher into a cube structure.

As a result, he learned how to communicate with his siblings. An old photo of Christopher could turn up in Sir Reginald’s mansion as evidence for this theory. Christopher’s position in the timeline is entirely determined by his back story. 

The Umbrella Academy Christopher
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If he was born an alien during the Umbrella continuity, he would have remained there, most likely within and between his fellow soul blocks. He couldn’t come to Earth unless Sir Reginald recruited him. If the Umbrella Academy Christopher had been a normal child, the accident would have turned him into a cube, but his timeline counterpart could have remained human.

The Umbrella Academy Christopher
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Christopher is never injured during a mission and is never cube-ified if Reginald does not adopt him. That seems logical given that a strange metallic intelligence would inevitably make headlines around the world.

So far this season, we’ve seen a lot, including Sir Reginald’s intentions to restart the universe, Ben’s appearance, and the Umbrella Academy Christopher’s enigmatic appearance.

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