Did This Umbrella Academy Character Actually Die In Season 3?

The new season of Umbrella Academy has surpassed our expectations. The Umbrella Academy is not like other superhero series in which everyone is ready to save the world, from a perspective, yes, but the approach is different in this case. However, the new season has left the audience shocked by killing one of the major Umbrella Academy characters… So here is all we know. 

From the recreation of the John F. Kennedy assassination to the misrepresenting of time and the appearance of The Sparrow Academy in place of The Umbrella Academy. However, in season three, it is unclear whether the siblings are dead or alive.

Did Season 3 Kill This Umbrella Academy Character? 

Umbrella Academy Character
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Alison was upset because she had left her husband behind in order to return in 2019. She learns more about her daughter Claire, who does not exist in the Sparrow Academy timeline.

Harlan’s power outburst in 1989 resulted in the death of The Umbrella Academy’s birth mother. As a result, the siblings were never born. Alison was never born. As a result, her husband may be living with his family, Alison is not his ex-wife, and the daughter is his and his wife’s, not theirs. 

Alison is unable to bear the losses and becomes outraged at her siblings as a result. Allison’s downward spiral reaches a low point when she teams up with Sir Reginald Hargreeves of the Sparrow timeline, who seeks to remake the universe according to his own design. The goal is achieved because of Alison.

Why Allison Could Still Be Alive After Season 3?

Umbrella Academy Character
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The Umbrella Academy provided us with two conclusions regarding the fan-favorite Umbrella Academy character, Alison. One is that she dies, and the other is that she lives. 

The one conclusion in which she survives begins when a drunken Number Five spies on Allison and Sir Reginald, who partner up. 

Sir Reginald successfully persuades Alison to assist him in his plan to reset the universe, but Allison’s cooperation in his century-old plot must have been intrigued by the Monocle in exchange for a reward. Obtaining clear information about the terms to which they have agreed is difficult. 

In the final minutes of season 3, a happy ending for Alison, Clarie, and Raymond can be assumed.

By conquering Oblivion and arranging the seven bells, Sir Reginald is able to reset the universe. He creates a parallel universe in which Abigail is still alive and “Hargreeves Enterprises” rules the modern world. Sir Reginald was given the authority to alter everything. 

Umbrella Academy Character
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Alison teamed up with him to obtain his family, agreeing to abandon her siblings in exchange for Reginald creating Alison’s ideal family in reality.

Another possibility is that this Umbrella Academy character dies at the end of Season 3. Everything goes as planned until Alison discovers that her siblings are being used as fuel by the Oblivion machine. 

When Sir Reginald has finished setting up the reset, she kills him while simultaneously saving everyone and making the ultimate sacrifice.

So, what do you think will happen to this Umbrella Academy character? Tell us in the comment box…

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