The Time Travellers Wife Ending Explained! We Don’t Want You To Miss Any Details!

OMG! Don’t you love the concept of this series? 

Well, because we just loved it. How can anyone think of an ordinary man having an extraordinary gift? Yes, yes, we are talking about Henry. 

Imagine if a genie granted you the same wish that allows you to travel through time involuntarily? Oh, it looks so good to hear; imagine what if it was real? Yes, you can see this in the drama series The Time Traveler’s Wife: a lovely story about Henry and Claire!

However, if you have already seen it and the ending confused you, here is the Time Travellers Wife ending explained!! 

Something about The Time Traveller’s Wife 

The Time Travellers Wife Ending Explained!
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If you didn’t know, let us give you a glimpse of this series. Adapted by Steven Moffat from the beloved novel of the same name, the TTTW series follows the spellbinding and intricately out-of-the-box love Dovey story between Rose Leslie of Games of Thrones and Theo James of Divergent. Ah, looks so fancy, na? BTW, what was the problem? It was time travel.

FYI, TTTW was filmed entirely in New York City. Oh yes, a few in Chicago, too. Henry and Claire’s struggle to reconcile time travel with the demands of modern marriage in the season one finale: aah, our viewers should know every bit of the details—Right?

Yes, as everyone knows, the season finale of The Time Traveler’s Wife takes pre-wedding jitters to an all-new crazy level. Henry is all nervous about the future. His failure to disclose the critical information on how time travel might affect the average married couple’s life makes wedding preparations a bit more complicated. 

Wait, how can we forget the different expectations of the family? Let’s get going without any further delay.

The Time Traveller’s Wife Ending Explained: don’t even think of missing it 

The Time Travellers Wife Ending Explained!
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Here is the Time Travellers Wife Ending Explained!! 

Episode six has brought the first season to a super crazy dramatic conclusion. Spoilers, spoilers, ahead. We are so unhappy as the ending shows Henry and Claire’s wedding won’t be happy. But still, with heavy hearts, we are watching them getting married. 

As time travel episodes increase frequency, Henry receives a few visions of having similar triggers to epilepsy: flashing lights, television, stress, and alcohol have just caused him to jump through time. Wait, but what does it mean?

Does Henry see a child during his trip?

The Time Travellers Wife Ending Explained!
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Yes, as the Time Travellers Wife ending shows that it will be an unhappy marriage, Henry would struggle to give Claire a child, which she always craved. 

Yes, Henry passes on the condition that any fetus in Claire’s womb tends to travel time, thus leaving her empty and sad. But he also sees they have a daughter Alba, who inherits the same condition. 

But the only difference is she can control it. But this little Angel will make everything possible because it looks like she’s here to mend it, huh?

Also, who is Henry with the phone in the future? Yes, as he sees his 36 years older version and chooses to have a vasectomy. Who’s David? 

But what does Henry’s conversation with his dad mean? His tragic family background is known to all. But he hints to his father that he might die in the future. Really, will Henry’s dad be no more? What does Claire’s and Henry’s post-credits talk about for season 2? As Claire was seen sleeping with A time-stranded Henry! 

Ending up

People, we can’t wait for the next season. Comment below on your thoughts about how we explain the Time Travellers Wife ending! 

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