The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4: What Happened to Esther? 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 was insane. However, the fans are still wondering what happened to Esther? So, here is all we know so far.

What Happened to Esther
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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is back for its fourth season, and this time around the focus seems to be on Midge’s son Ethan rather than her daughter Esther. What happened to Esther and why isn’t the show talking about her? In future episodes, we will hopefully learn more!

We’ll have a bit more information on Esther’s story and the circumstances of her disappearance in future seasons. But for now, please enjoy this sneak peek into what her storyline might hold for upcoming episodes. 

What Happened to Esther? 

What Happened to Esther
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Midge seems determined to hide what happened that day from her daughter too as if it never existed or her confession never happened at all. The only time we see a reference to Esther is when Midge, at a family dinner, talks about her transformation into a “manic woman” who had an “excellent figure” and who is apparently living in Israel after Midge’s sentence was up. 

Grace mentions that she sometimes writes to her mother, but never talks about anything significant from when they were both younger. The reason for this could be anything (it could be that Midge doesn’t want her daughter to know how awful the old days were or it could be because she truly doesn’t remember any of those things) but it’s a good indication that Midge is afraid of what might happen if Esther learns the truth.

What Happened to Esther
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The truth, of course, is that Midge was a horrible mother who wasn’t there for her daughter because she was always off in the city. The change in Grace is pretty drastic when you look at the first season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and compare it to the last season. In season 1, she’s a normal high school student who isn’t really into her mother’s act and loves her father. 

By the end of season 4, though, she becomes a full-blown hippie who can’t wait to get out of NYC and go work on a farm with some anti-establishment types who don’t believe in money or possessions (and we notice that she left shortly after Midge went to prison).

Midge and Grace were close in the first season, but over the course of three years, things changed. It wasn’t easy for Midge at all.

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