The Dutton Family Tree Explained – 1883 To Yellowstone 

If you have watched Paramount+’s 1883 series after Yellowstone, you may be a bit confused. The characters and their relationships with each other may be slightly tricky for you.

So, today, Sassyshows is here to explain the Dutton family tree right from 1883 to Yellowstone. 

Dutton Family Tree

Within a month of its arrival, Yellowstone prequel 1883 has turned out to be one of the most-watched series on Paramount+. The fans have simply been obsessed with the characters and the incredible narration of the story. 

The 1883 series reveals the adventurous journey of the Dutton family to the Great Plains, approximately 150 years before the setting of the blockbuster Western drama, Yellowstone. 

So, how Elsa Dutton is related to John Dutton? Or who is the little boy in 1883? Here is the complete Dutton Family tree explained. 

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Dutton Family Tree Explained

Here is the Dutton family tree explained –

James Dutton – John Dutton’s Great Grandfather 

 Dutton Family Tree

As we navigate to the lands of 1883, James Dutton is introduced as one of the central characters of the show. He is a courageous man trying to make a living for his family in the land of Montana. 

If you are wondering who is James Dutton to John Dutton, here is your answer. One of James’s sons is John Dutton senior. However, when it comes to John Dutton Junior, James is his grandfather. 

Elsa Dutton – John’s Great Aunt 

 Dutton Family Tree
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Hands down! Elsa is one of the characters of 1883 that have simply manifested the fans with her amazing acting and heart-warming narration. 

Elsa is the eldest and the most beloved daughter of James and Margaret. She is introduced as the sister of John Dutton Senior. Therefore, she is the great aunt of John Dutton Junior. 

Margaret Dutton – John’s Great Grandmother 

 Dutton Family Tree
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Margaret Dutton is one of the fascinating characters we saw in the 1883 series. She is the wife of James Dutton and her role is portrayed by Faith Hill. 

She is the mother of the series’ main character Elsa Dutton and being the wife of James, she is the great-grandmother of John Dutton Junior. 

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