The Dragon Prince Season 4 Trailer Reveals Exclusive First Look Of Old Ezran!! 

The Dragon Prince season 4 trailer is out now. This animated series premiered in 2018 on Netflix; critical acclaim is gained for its story, animation style, solid vocal performances, themes, and humor. 

In 2019 seasons 2 and 3 were released, and now the Dragon Prince season 4 trailer is out, which confirms that soon this year, following a three-year hiatus, it will be released.

Faces behind the Dragon Prince Season 4

the dragon prince season 4 trailer
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The protagonists of The Dragon Prince are Rayla, Callum, and Ezran, as they are captured during a conflict between elves and humans fighting to get control over the Land of Nadia. 

The featured voice artists are Sasha Rojen, Jack De Sena, and Paul Burrows are the leads. Spin-off video games are also released by the franchise, novels, comic books, and board games since their debut; even more source material and story arcs are getting produced, and many are potentially excavated in future episodes.

First look at Dragon Prince season 4

The first look of season 4 arrived yesterday, subtitled Mystery of Aaravos, and today the official Twitter account of the Dragon Prince gave us the first teaser trailer of season 4. 

After two years, the new episodes will take place after the events that have unfolded in season 3, and the fans are waiting so badly for the new episodes. 

On the show’s official Twitter page, it was posted that the villain Aaravos is being focused on in the trailer, which is sure that he is a protagonist, and biggest opponent ever. 

In about 30 seconds, when the trailer starts, the real standout moment comes in, when the viewers can see an aged-up Prince Ezran.

the dragon prince season 4 trailer
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Plans for the Dragon Prince!! 

The Dragon Prince will continue to Season 7, Netflix confirms this, so there will be more growing-up characters before the story concludes, both figuratively and literally. 

Seeing the older interpretations of these characters raises the question of what happened in the past years when the audience last saw them.

How have the characters changed so fast and alliances shifted in the years since season 3, and how will their evolutions impact the story of season 4?

Fans’ reaction over Dragon Prince season 4 trailer

the dragon prince season 4 trailer
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The Dragon Prince followers will not have to wait much longer as the official schedule to release Dragon Prince is in November.

The third season of The Dragon Prince ended in confusion with Viren and Dark wizard, who organized a war that has now been ripped through Xadia; he got defeated by a mysterious puppet master Aaravos and his daughter Claudia. 

We will know whether this is settled or still in this season. But the first older look of Ezran will be exciting to know what has changed in the past two years.

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