The Boys Season 3: Biggest Unanswered Mysteries

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In spite of how incendiary Season 3 of The Boys ended, many mysteries remain unanswered because of the numerous civil wars and betrayals.

Shocking Unanswered Questions From The Boys Season 3

Why had Billy and Hughie betrayed their crew?

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During The Boys Season 3, Billy Butcher’s team tragically lost to Homelander and Vought International. Eventually, Billy and Hughie betrayed their crew and empowered themselves to take out Evil Superman. 

In the aftermath, Team Butcher was left with a large number of casualties, leaving them wondering if they would ever be able to repent, recover, and unite again. 

Although they succeeded, the season ended with a bittersweet note since their enemies weren’t permanently banished. An enticing fourth season was shaping up as a result of some mysteries remaining unanswered.

How did Vic’s girl get her powers?

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During The Boys Season 3, Victoria Neuman backstabbed Stan and got him removed from his position as CEO of Vought, which made it possible for her to team up with Homelander. 

Her daughter was given Compound V serum in exchange for him giving her the serum, but it was never revealed what she could do. 

Since Vic’s head-popping powers as a child made her a WMD, raising her child as a weapon felt cruel. Even so, she believed it was best for her future to have a child who would be stronger.

Is there anyone else Soldier Boy killed?

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It was Mother’s Milk’s desire to kill Soldier Boy due to the fact that he accidentally murdered Milk’s grandfather decades earlier. Sadly, Dad also died fighting the case.

That’s why Milk did not like supes and could not stand his buddies using V24. However, Milk mentioned other family members Soldier Boy killed when Milk and Billy patched up at the end of the film. 

It is unclear who’s going to be the next target, Milk or Billy, but with Soldier Boy incapacitated and on ice, Milk may try to kill him again.  

Is Homelander familiar with the Seven’s secrets?

Due to his super-hearing, Homelander often messed with people. Because he bullied a lot this season, fans are curious if he knows that Deep and A-Train had evidence that almost brought him down.

A sense of unease seemed to be brewing in his voice. Additionally, it will be interesting to watch if he hears that Team Butcher has hidden Maeve away, creating a false death scene. Having done that, Ashley ordered a minion to remove footage from the Vought servers, allowing him to easily hear all of this.

Is Homelander planning something for Noir?

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There is still more Noir to come, according to showrunner Eric Kripke. Grace and Stan were the only people who knew who wore the mask, so he was easily replaceable. 

The comic twist suggests Homelander could clone himself, speed up the growth, and put Homelander 2.0 in the black suit. It is also possible that he will clone Earving himself, placing a copy inside and brainwashing it until it looks like the Noir Homelander loves like a brother.

Some answers are still left unsaid…

The Boys season 3 is full of mysteries, and we can only ask you to watch the whole season and unfold them all!

Have you watched it already? Let us know in the comment section. 

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