The Boys Season 3 Final Trailer: This Character Will Kill Soldier Boy!!

After the massive success of the first two seasons, ‘The Boys‘ is back with season 3. A brand-new teaser of the Boys series was uploaded to The Boys’ Twitter page and teased the next installment called “The Instant White-Hot Wild.” 

It is described by a caption that reads, “Scorched earth. Shock and awe. Blood and bone.” The Boys season 3 final trailer hints at the showdown between Black Noir and Soldier Boy. So, here is all we know. 

What do we see in the Boys season 3 final trailer? 

The Boys Season 3 Final Trailer
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A new The Boys season 3 final trailer, “Instant White-Hot Wild”, sees Black Noir prepare to kill Soldier Boy. 

Season 3 of Prime Video’s hit series introduced new superhumans through the team Payback and its leader, Soldier Boy. While initially thought to have died heroically in Nicaragua, Billy Butcher and his title group found Soldier Boy alive in Russia, where he’d been experimented on for decades. 

With the help of Butcher and Hughie Campbell, Soldier Boy has been hunting Payback members ― including Black Noir ― for betraying him in 1984.

The Boys Season 3 Final Trailer

The end of Season 3 saw Vought CEO Stan Edgar suggest Noir hand over Soldier Boy to the Russians and replace him with Homelander. 

Noir took refuge in an abandoned Buster Beaver’s pizza restaurant after removing his tracker and going off the grid. He was surrounded by an animated sea of friends who offered to help him “get through that erection in seventh grade” (according to one). They were determined to do whatever they could to help him through this situation. 

During his childhood, we saw how Noir had constantly been at odds with himself and Soldier Boy owing to the traumatic incident that left them both disfigured. But thanks to what seemed like a pep talk from Buster Beaver and company, he managed somehow to fight back against his fears in The Boys finale.

What can we expect after seeing the Boys season 3 final trailer?

The Boys Season 3 Final Trailer
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From the revelations, reveals, and betrayals that have happened throughout this season of The Boys, it seems as though the fourth season will end on an explosive note. 

While M.M, Kimiko, and Frenchie decide to fight alongside Starlight against Homelander and Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie continue their use of TEMP V with everything they’ve learned. Still, only time will tell the ultimate fate of these characters. 


There is a lot at stake for them as we begin to realize more about how Black Noir and Soldier Boy feel about each other and how Homelander feels towards Soldier Boy. 

We hope it will be explosive when everything is set for the finale! Please tell us what you think about the Boys season 3 final trailer.

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