Which The Blacklist Character Are You As Per Your  Zodiac Sign? 

As The Blacklist character fans, we try to associate ourselves with the best characters. To unravel the mystery of which zodiac signs match with the Blacklist characters, here are the answers to the same. 

Which Blacklist Character Are You As Per Your Zodiac Sign? 

The Blacklist Character

Each zodiac sign possesses some specific and quality traits that match no other sign. Not only traits but the characters also have tried to portray their roles in the best possible manner. It is fascinating to see that each character displays the qualities of each zodiac sign. Discover which zodiac signs match with which the Blacklist character.

The zodiac signs & their match 

Aries: Mr. Kaplan

The Blacklist Character
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Those born under the sign of Aries are devoted to their friends and family to the point of obsession. In this case, Mr. Kaplan has the most Aries energy on TV since the sign is tenacious in pursuing goals.

Scorpio: Tom Keen

Tom’s attractiveness to people of all sexes is a boon to his career, but it also reveals his need to connect. The Scorpio’s constant mood swings and perspective shifts undermine his desperate search for connection and belonging. 

Taurus: Dembe

The Blacklist Character
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Stubbornness is another well-known quality of Tauruses, who are noted for their loyalty. Dembe always acts under his conscience. You can count on Taurus to always come out on top and make it alive.

Capricorn: Harold Cooper

The Blacklist Character
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Cooper is an excellent Capricorn because he has to follow the rules and anticipate every contingency. People born under the sea-goat zodiac sign are generally known for their anxiety and worry. 

Leo: Samar Navabi

Red Reddington’s former Mossad agent, Samar Navabi, was born to command. Samar, born a Leo, is brave and strong, with a stunning head of hair that precisely reflects her zodiac sign. Because of her power, knowledge, and wisdom, Samar is the forest queen.

Virgo: Don Ressler

The Blacklist Character
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Ressler’s practicality and in-depth understanding of the subject make him an incredibly effective agent. His devotion and ability to come up with creative solutions are unparalleled. It’s easy to mistake Virgos’ practicality and willingness to provide a helping hand.

Libra: Raymond Reddington

Libra, the Scales, is the best sign for a partnership since, like Red, they enjoy discovering the value in things and see everything as a whole. Companionship is essential for those born under this sign. 

Sagittarius: Elizabeth Keen

Sagittarius people are known for their adaptability, and Liz embodies this quality. When it comes to Liz’s essence, her transformation from card shark to profiler to Russian asset to fugitive barely registers. 

Pisces: Meera Malik

The Blacklist Character
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Meera Malik, a typical Pisces, is empathetic and mild-mannered by nature. Because of her keen sense of observation and exceptional problem-solving, she stands out among female detectives. 

Gemini: Jolene Parker

She’s a typical Gemini who fluctuates between hot and cool and tells various stories to everyone she meets. Jolene Parker is no exception, as the Twins’ symbol likewise represents our split nature.

Cancer: Aram Mojtabai

As with all Cancers, the best course of action for Aram is to listen to your emotions, keep focused, and protect your outward signs of vulnerability.

Aquarius: Alina Park

The Blacklist Character
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Alina has a dark side, and Liz quickly falls in love with her. But Aquarius, like all Water-Bearers, has a tender side that enjoys assistance and generosity.

On the ending note

The blacklist characters matched with their particular traits. Hopefully, the best zodiac matches were linked to the Blacklist characters. 

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