The Black Phone Ending Explained!! Get Ready For A Shock

Scott Derickson, the director of “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” “Sinister,” and “Doctor Strange,” has directed “The Black Phone”, which has turned out to be a sensation on social media. While the movie is loaded with entertainment, the ending may have left the fans surprised… So, here is the Black Phone ending explained. 

The film is based on Joe Hill’s short story about a young boy named Finney who is kidnapped by a deadly child snatcher known as “The Grabber.” 

Finney’s only hope of escaping the villain’s soundproof basement is to listen to the advice provided to him by The Grabber’s previous victims via a disconnected black phone.

So, did the ending confuse you? If yes, here is the Black Phone ending explained. 

Black Phone Ending Explained!! 

A different time!! 

Black Phone Ending Explained c
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The film does not attempt to hide its setting; the opening shot of mountains overlooking a baseball diamond suggests that these events are taking place in the western half of the United States. 

Then, a chyron appears at the bottom of the screen, confirming that this is Colorado. These words also inform us of the year 1978. While this may appear insignificant at first, the year is critical to understanding the events that are about to unfold.

Finney’s arm is mint

Black Phone Ending Explained
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During the baseball game, we see that our protagonist, Finney, is a fantastic pitcher with a crush on a girl in the stands. He throws two strikes before looking nervously at his crush. A run is scored when the third pitch connects. His team would have won the game if he had remained confident. 

When Bruce Yamada, the player he almost struck out, compliments him, saying, “Your arm is mint,” and that Finney almost had him, his spirits are lifted.

Beware the Grabber

By the film’s beginning, local children have been missing for some time. It’s been going on for so long that the media and locals have dubbed the perpetrator of these crimes (Ethan Hawke) “The Grabber.” 

He pulls up in his van, grabs a child, administers some drugs to them, and leaves black balloons behind. Because no one knows who he is, his reputation has taken on the characteristics of the boogeyman.

Finney’s cool sister

Black Phone Ending Explained
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Gwen is Finn’s younger sister (or Gwenny). In many ways, she is everything Finney is not. She isn’t afraid to say “The Grabber” aloud. Another thing she can do is take a beating and still hold her ground. While she is careful not to intentionally irritate their abusive father, she is also not afraid to confront him.

Her father mercilessly beats her with a belt after the police question her about information she has about the kidnappings. Instead of giving in and falling to the floor, she grabs his vodka bottle and threatens to smash it.

Gwenny shatters the bottle after promising to beat her twice as hard if she follows through on her threat. Her father keeps his word, but she refuses to give in.

Blood conveys a message

Black Phone Ending Explained
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A scene early in the film appears to be a throwaway: Finney and his sister are walking to school when they pass by a crowd of kids about to fight. One of the kids is so massive that he appears capable of snapping his opponent in half. 

He is, however, up against Finney’s friend Robin, who isn’t afraid of bullies. Robin not only knocks the big guy off his feet, but he also turns his face into a pulp with his fists.

So, this was the Black Phone ending explained!! Stay tuned to get more updates…

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