Where Have You Seen The American Horror Story Season 2 Cast Before? 

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Enough of the series and shows; let’s talk about the cast today. Ever wondered if the series we watch has amazing models and what they’ll be doing? 

So, without wasting any further time, we bring you the American Horror Story Season 2 Cast details. Excited? Aah, we are!

American Horror Story, what is it all about?

American Horror Story

“American Horror Stories” is a spin-off of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s award-winning anthology series ‘American Horror Story. Oh yes, it features a different horror story in each episode. 

Since 2011, the series’ creators have redefined the actual horror genre with various installments featuring a creepy asylum, a freaky show with a haunted hotel, and whatnot? 

Aah, they might give you all the chills and thrills for sure! As AHS Season 2 is here with its new cast, and they look so alike, OMG! Oh yes, please! 

American Horror Story

Alicia Silverstone 

She will be seen for the first time in a horror TV series, but she has given plenty of impeccable performances and hits, too. 

Don’t you remember her iconic films Clueless, Batman and Robin, The Crush, and the NBC Series? 

Our favourite was Miss Match, though. She was recently seen in Rebel Wilson-led Comedy, Senior Year! And we love her, do you, guys?

Max Greenfield

American Horror Story

Don’t you remember his oh-so-hilarious role as Schmidt in New Girl? With his repeating roles in shows like Veronica Mars and Ugly Betty, he’s also in the fifth season of the leads of CBS Sitcom, then The Neighbourhood, and whatnot? We loved his incredible role in the Ice Age Movie Franchise! Did you know he has done a few voice-over roles, too?

Dominique Jackson

Who knew she was a model too because she has always been seen in many series. She has done some impeccable roles in American Gods, the FX Series, Pose, and so on! 

Judith Light 

She’s indeed one of the most loved Hollywood divas. Ah, for her royalty, yeah? The list will get over, but her accomplishments are so many. It looks like next time; we should be only talking about her, though? 

Her best roles have been One Life To Live, Who’s the Boss, Ugly Betty, and so on. Trust us; we were shocked to hear that this American Horror Story cast has done theatre work, too! 

Bella Thorne 

American Horror Story Bella b

With her starring in TV shows such as Money and Dirty Sexy, she became oh-so-popular when she co-starred in the Disney Series. Her famous, most loved roles by the fans include The DUFF, The Babysitter Movie Series, and many more! Which ones are your favourite?

Kyanna Simone 

FYI, we have seen her on so many TV shows and series. Her best movie roles were Fist Fight, Ma, and so on. The TV show roles include Show me a Hero, Black Lightning, and so on. 


We were still left with Raven Scott, Derrick Aguis, Anthony De La Torre, and many more who will be seen in the American Horror Story Season 2. Stay tuned! We will keep on sharing exciting details on American Horror Story cast!! 

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