We Can’t Believe This: Is Taylor Swift Engaged To Joe Alwyn?


Leave whatever you’re doing because we can’t keep calm. Our lovely audience needs to know this. Is Taylor Swift engaged? Does it look like the wedding bells are ringing? Are we too late or too early to let you all know?

Many congratulations, as Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, are reportedly engaged:

Taylor Swift Engaged
Credit – capitalfm.com

Yes, people, we are so glad to hear this. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been dating for more than five years. Fans have speculated that the British actor also inspired several of Taylor Swift’s tracks. Swift has also revealed that he co-wrote two of her ‘Folklore’ songs and three ‘Evermore’ tracks. 

Yes, some loving fans also observed that they first met at the 2016 Met Gala. Ah, but at that time, she was in a relationship with Calvin Harris, who wasn’t even there at the event. 

Did you know, at that time, Alwyn showed up with a shaved head look, and Swift donned a bleached blonde bob with her sexy Louis Vuitton dress—Who knew, after all these years, the couple would be together? We are sure even Taylor won’t have dreamt of it!

But seriously, is Taylor Swift Engaged? 

Taylor Swift Engaged
Credit – buzzfeed.com

On 30th June, it was reported that the couple had been secretly engaged for a few months!

Ah, this melts our hearts, but yes, it’s true. The couple is wearing their engagement rings only “behind the doors.” Really? It’s also said that a source close to Joe informed that Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy and very, very much in love. 

Also, they’ve been engaged for a few months, but only their inner circle, family, and trusted very old friends knew about it. Does it look like everyone has been keeping this secret? But now we know, and we are so happy for the cuties!

Sources also say the stunning British actor popped the proposal a few months ago 

The family and friends look so good at hiding this secret. Can we hide engagement news like this, and when it comes to celebrities: people are always curious to know. Swift only wears the engagement beautiful, gorgeous ring when she’s at home. It’s also said that even some of their team members are unaware of it. 

Did the couple accept their engagement?

Taylor Swift Engaged
Credit – buzzfeed.com

Naah, but once Taylor shared in an interview how happy her relationship was with Alwyn. 

Recently, Alwyn said, “ If I had a pound for every time I think I’ve been told I’ve been engaged, then I’ll have a lot of pound coins.” He also said if the answer is yes, he wouldn’t say, and if it’s no, he wouldn’t, too! Ah, now what does it mean?

OMG, so is Taylor Swift Engaged?

Ah, the cuties have yet to confirm or tell the reports are wrong publicly. We are so waiting. But, if the news is correct, we wish the happy couple the heartiest congratulations! Stay tuned, guys!

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