Yellowstone Season 5 Update: S5 Receives A Big & Disappointing Update 

Yellowstone season 5 update

Disappointing news has been delivered to Yellowstone fans ahead of this weekend’s midseason finale. Seven episodes of the fifth season have already been shown on Paramount Plus, with the eighth set to premiere on January 1. After that, though, the show’s comeback date is anyone’s guess. Actress Piper Perabo, who portrays Summer Higgins, told TV … Read more

Is Rip Wheeler Leaving Yellowstone?

Is Rip Wheeler Leaving Yellowstone

The Dutton family of ranchers runs the show at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch on Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone.’ During the fifth season, John Dutton and his crew face new difficulties as they prepare for the cattle harvest. Due to the difficulties, however, John’s trusted assistant, Rip Wheeler, has to leave the ranch.  Therefore, if Cole Hauser, who … Read more

Yellowstone Season 5 Premiere Recap: What Happened To Monica In Yellowstone Season 5?

Yellowstone Season 5 Premiere

Finally, after a long wait, the much-anticipated season 5 of Yellowstone is here. The first two episodes have dropped and they have stunned the fans. While episode 1 eventually set the stage for a big shock coming in, episode 2 took the pace to elevate the intensity.  So, after the Yellowstone season 5 premiere, you … Read more

Does Rip Die In Yellowstone Season 5? Shocking Leaks

Does Rip die in Yellowstone Season 5

Season 4 has turned the Yellowstone world upside down. With multiple cliffhangers branching out of the season’s end, one question that is concerning the fans is Rip Wheeler’s fate.  As of now, it’s pretty clear that Beth’s conflict with Jamie will not be limited to season 4. The storms have not yet settled down and … Read more

Yellowstone Season 5 Leaks: Duttons May Lose The Ranch!! 

Yellowstone Season 5 Leak

Hello, Yellowstone fandom,  We know you are waiting for Yellowstone season 5. After the twists and turns of Yellowstone Season 4, every true western drama fan is on the edge of his seat. So, with the new season knocking at the doors, Sassyshows is here with all the latest Yellowstone Season 5 leaks and spoilers. … Read more

Kevin Costner Reveals New Details About Yellowstone Season 5! This Will Break Your Heart!! 

Yellowstone Season 5

All Yellowstone fans, we know you are preparing for the fall season. For the past few years, this season has been special for all the Yellowstone viewers. Every year, the franchise drops a new installment to amaze the fans. This year is no different and the fans are eagerly waiting for Yellowstone Season 5.  So, … Read more

Yellowstone Cole Hauser Teases Rip Wheeler’s Death In Yellowstone Season 5

Yellowstone Cole Hauser

The Yellowstone Universe is going through one breaking news after another. Since its introduction back in 2018, it has claimed the position of a cult series entertaining the fans. Moreover, with the announcement of Season 5 coming out, the viewers are clamoring for updates. So, responding to the endless appeals of the fans, Yellowstone Cole … Read more

Yellowstone Kevin Costner Reveals The Return Of A Missing Character In Season 5!! 

Yellowstone Kevin Costne

Yellowstone: The oh-so-famous series that everyone is talking about is all set to build its excellent cast for the 5th Season. So, with the new season approaching Yellowstone Kevin Costner dropped a surprising update… Here is all we know.  Yellowstone Kevin Costner Announces The Return Of An Old Character!!  Well, aren’t you excited about the … Read more

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 Will Drop A Shock!! Monica Will Be Dead!! 

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1

Hey Yellowstone fans, we know you are craving season 5. After the bombastic Season 4 finale, it’s pretty obvious you are counting days for Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1’s release. So, before the new episode arrives, let’s check out some crazy fan theories and leaks.  Yellowstone Season 5 Will Be Brighter & Bigger  As the … Read more

Yellowstone 5 Spoilers: Kevin Costner Hints What’s Coming Next!! 

Yellowstone 5 Spoilers

People, Sassyshows have actually done a deep dive into the Yellowstone Season 5 loose ends and have come up with some crazy Yellowstone 5 spoilers.  Okay, those who can hold on to their sofas—Chill and wait. But those who just can’t wait to see the sassy spoilers, we have to spill on, you guys, keep … Read more