Scarlet Witch MCU Movie : Will She Ever Get A Solo Movie?

Scarlet Witch MCU

Woahhh! The question itself is somewhat mysterious. Recently in the last MCU movie, “Doctor Strange in the multiverse madness,” Scarlet Witch MCU (played by Elizabeth Olsen) appeared and played the role of a villain.  The movie itself proved to be a great blockbuster. People are curious now whether the Scarlet Witch MCU movie will come … Read more

What To Watch Before Doctor Strange 2 Release? Don’t Miss This List 

What To Watch Before Doctor Strange 2

Marvel loves to keep its fans in a loop. Therefore, most of its movies are interlinked. Before diving into the world of madness, there are a handful of movies and series you must definitely watch. So, what to watch before Doctor Strange 2 drops? Here is the list –  Doctor Stephen Strange has unlocked the … Read more