Top 5 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Vegeta Ultra Ego Form

Vegeta Ultra Ego Form

All Dragon Ball fans bow down as the Prince of Saiyan has arrived. Vegeta has officially unlocked his Destroyer form, Ultra Ego, in the manga. Vegeta Ultra Ego form is dominating the manga and the fans have gone crazy over his new form. Though his new form appears incredibly destructive and it seems he can … Read more

3 Shocking Realities Of Ultra Ego – The Form May Destroy Vegeta & Here’s How 

Ultra Ego

Vegeta’s competitive attitude towards Goku and his obsession with power pushed him to the doors of the God of Destruction. Under Lord Beerus’ training, Vegeta has achieved a new powerup – Ultra Ego in the Dragon Ball Super Manga.  Though Ultra Ego brought some super destructive abilities in Vegeta, much like Goku’s Kaioken form, it … Read more

5 Shocking Facts You Don’t Know About Ultra Ego Vegeta 

Ultra Ego Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super has finally gifted the Prince of Saiyans a transformation that allows him to surpass Goku. Vegeta has tapped into the Destructor mode with his new transformation, Ultra Ego. So, today we are here with some amazing facts on Ultra Ego Vegeta.  What is Ultra Ego Vegeta? Ultra Ego is one of the … Read more