Thor Love And Thunder Leaks: Every Character Who Died In The End!! 

Thor Love And Thunder Leaks

Thor Love and Thunder leaks are evident as the movie was in demand and released just a day back.  The movie Thor 4 is full of excitement as many new characters have made the entry, and the storyline itself is of great importance.  The film involves the character of heroes like Thor, son of Odinson … Read more

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers: Did This Major Character Die In The End?  

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers

Yes, people, look, we have already warned you. Today we bring to you the super amazing Thor Love and Thunder spoilers that we bet will stun you.  We are sure you won’t expect any bit of it, but still, without making you wait, let’s get going further with Thor: Love And Thunder leaks!  Thor Love … Read more

Thor Love and Thunder Disney Plus Release Date: Get Ready For A Boom!! 

Thor Love and Thunder Disney Plus Release Date

With the debut of Thor Love and Thunder in the theaters, the excitement level in fans is at a level that no one can imagine.  Since the tease of Thor’s upcoming movie was released, discussions all over the internet started. Different thoughts were exchanged, and the possibility of what might happen was the hot topic … Read more

We Bet You Missed These Small Details In Thor Love And Thunder Trailer 

Thor Love And Thunder Trailer

The final Thor Love and Thunder trailer is out and its really promising… Gorr the God Butcher is officially entering MCU and all eyes are on him. However, apart from the main characters, the trailer has a bunch of things that may have skipped your eyes. So, here are some small details you may have … Read more

Natalie Portman Spills Shocking Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers!! 

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers

Hello Marvel Fans!!! As we are heading to another much-awaited release of our God of Thunder…. We expect umpteen secrets spilling out and oodles of Thor Love and Thunder spoilers unless this flick hits the screen on July 7, 2022!!  So we are raising a disclaimer here in all good faith to make sure you … Read more

5 Oscar Winners Who Co-star With Chris Hemsworth In Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is back on the front with his new movie Thor: Love and Thunder. He surpasses Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Chris Evans’ Captain America, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Spider-Man as the first member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to star in four different films.  If Thor: Love and Thunder is Hemsworth’s final Marvel movie, he … Read more

Top Movies & Shows You Must Watch Before Thor Love And Thunder!! 

Thor Love And Thunder

Although this is Thor‘s fourth film, the former God of Thunder has traveled a long and convoluted path to reach this point.  Thor’s whole character journey has been leading up to this crossroads in his life, from becoming an Avenger to losing his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and rediscovering his self-confidence after five years of … Read more

Will There Be Gamora In Thor Love And Thunder?

Gamora In Thor Love And Thunder

Gamora’s sacrifice for her father’s goals was really heartbreaking for the fans. But with the Guardians of the Galaxy reprising their roles in the upcoming Marvel movie, Thor Love and Thunder, will Gamora be back? Will there be Gamora in Thor Love and Thunder? Here is all we know. American superhero film titled Guardians of … Read more

How Powerful Is Gorr the God Butcher Sword?

Gorr the God Butcher Sword

The MCU’s power rankings will be thrown off in a big way by Thor: Love and Thunder. It’s because of Gorr the God Butcher, and his almighty sword. It is called the All-Black Necrosword. The black sword of Gorr is alarming, but how strong is the Gorr the God Butcher sword? How Strong Is Gorr … Read more