Thor Love And Thunder Leaks: Every Character Who Died In The End!! 

Thor Love And Thunder Leaks

Thor Love and Thunder leaks are evident as the movie was in demand and released just a day back.  The movie Thor 4 is full of excitement as many new characters have made the entry, and the storyline itself is of great importance.  The film involves the character of heroes like Thor, son of Odinson … Read more

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers: Did This Major Character Die In The End?  

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers

Yes, people, look, we have already warned you. Today we bring to you the super amazing Thor Love and Thunder spoilers that we bet will stun you.  We are sure you won’t expect any bit of it, but still, without making you wait, let’s get going further with Thor: Love And Thunder leaks!  Thor Love … Read more

Surprising Thor: Love And Thunder Easter Eggs We Bet You Missed Out!!

Thor Love And Thunder Easter Eggs

Hey Thor Fans, With the latest movie out now, the Thor Fanclub is all gaga about this new flick and the vibe portrayed in Thor: Love and Thunder.  This is the fourth solo movie of our superhero Thor, and it is more than just the story’s narration. There are a lot of Thor: Love And … Read more

Natalie Portman Spills Shocking Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers!! 

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers

Hello Marvel Fans!!! As we are heading to another much-awaited release of our God of Thunder…. We expect umpteen secrets spilling out and oodles of Thor Love and Thunder spoilers unless this flick hits the screen on July 7, 2022!!  So we are raising a disclaimer here in all good faith to make sure you … Read more

Why Thor looks so different in Thor Love and Thunder?

Why Thor looks so different in Thor Love and Thunder

Recently, there were a lot of discussions online about why Thor looks so different in Thor Love and Thunder trailer. Some people seem to think it is to maintain the image we have seen before in the Endgame, while few believe that the reason for the difference is profound & pre-planned.  Well, there are some theories … Read more

Thor: Love and Thunder – 3 Shocking Facts On Gorr The God Butcher 

Thor: Love and Thunder

Finally, after a long, long wait, the official trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder is out, and it makes the debut of many Marvel comic characters in the MCU. One of those most-awaited characters gearing up for its live-action debut is Gorr The God Butcher.  So, if you are a Marvel lover, make sure to … Read more

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer Release Date – When Is The Trailer Arriving? 

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer

Thor Love and Thunder trailer has been delayed for a long. So, when is the new trailer arriving? Here is all we know so far.  This summer, Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theatres. While we wait for the Thor sequel to hit theatres, we’ve got the scoop on the cast – including some possible … Read more