Who killed Malva in Outlander Season 6?  Know The Shocking Truth

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Who killed Malva? This is one of the burning questions confusing both the Outlander season 6 audience and its characters. So, Sassyshows is here to unveil the real truth behind Malva’s death.  Claire tries to rescue the unborn baby in a very painful sequence but is unsuccessful. Jessica Reynolds’ nuanced portrayal of Malva has been … Read more

How To Watch Outlander Season 6 Online? Watch All Episodes For Free

How to watch Outlander Season 6

Outlander Season 6 is here. So, how to watch Outlander Season 6 for free online? Here is all we know.  Outlander has returned for its sixth season, and the show’s devoted fan base, primary romance, and dramatic plots have kept it at the top of many people’s watch lists. Outlander, based on Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling … Read more

Outlander Season 6: Why is Jamie in prison in season 6? 

Outlander Season 6

Jamie Fraser is back in the new season of Outlander, and this time, he’s in for some trouble. In Outlander Season 6, Jamie finds himself in prison after being caught up in the Jacobite rebellion.  Claire has to travel back through time to save him, and they must deal with the aftermath of the war. … Read more