Marvel Director Revealed Shocking Detail About The Moon Knight Series!! Why Is Marvel Doing This To The Fans?

Moon Knight Series

It’s Wednesday, but there is no Marvel show to entertain us. Season 1 of the Moon Knight series finally wrapped up last week delivering only six episodes. While the fans were disappointed at the length of the season, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab came up with a shocking update that blew their mind. Here is … Read more

Oscar Isaac Responds To Shocking Rumors On Moon Knight 2

Moon Knight 2

Oscar Isaac, who plays the Moon Knight, reveals that Marc Spector’s MCU debut was always intended to be a limited release and that there are no plans for Moon Knight 2. According to Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac, the Marvel Cinematic Universe series will not be renewed for a second season. When it came to … Read more

Moon Knight Season 2 Updates: Ethan Hawke Reveals Updates On The Sequel

Moon Knight Season 2

With Moon Knight Season 1 on the cards, the fans are curious to know whether there will be Moon Knight Season 2 or not? So, here is everything we know. Ethan Hawke is considering whether or not there will be a second season of Moon Knight or some other form of a sequel. Hawke will … Read more