Who Is Scarlet Scarab? Meet The New Moon Knight Superhero!! 

Scarlet Scarab

The final episode of Moon Knight Season 1 has turned the world of the fans upside down. With the introduction of two new characters, it has jumbled the audience. With the Moon Knight Season 1 wrapping up, two names are trending on social media – Jake Lockley and Scarlet Scarab.  While we already know that … Read more

Who Is Jake Lockley? Moon Knight Post-Credits Scene Explained!! 

Who is Jake Lockley

If you have watched Moon Knight Episode 6, one question that may be confusing you is – Who is Jake Lockley? So here is all we know about the new character. The sixth episode of Moon Knight was a roller coaster ride. With a new shock on every step, the latest installment delivered jaw-dropping entertainment … Read more

Moon Knight Episode 6 Ending Explained! Layla Is Now the New Avatar!! 

Moon Knight Episode 6 Ending Explained

Moon Knight episode 6 has simply mind-blown the fans with its incredible twist. The biggest Moon Knight Episode 6 spoilers coming out is Marc’s third persona, Jake Lockley is finally here. If you are hunting for some really amazing leaks on the Moon Knight finale, make sure to read the complete article. Here is Moon … Read more

Shocking Marvel Theory Reveals The Ultimate Twist In Moon Knight Episode 6!!

Moon Knight Episode 6

Moon Knight Episode 6 After the first five breath-taking episodes of Disney+ series Moon Knight, we can’t even imagine that Moon Knight episode 6 will be simple. Marvel will definitely add a pinch of shocking twists centering on the major character Arthur Harrow.  The fact that she’s meant to be imprisoned in the last and … Read more

Moon Knight Episode 5 Ending Explained! Is Steven Really Dead?

Moon Knight Episode 5

The ultimate chaos is here. Disney+ has finally dropped the fifth episode of Moon Knight and it’s a blast. With Moon Knight episode 5, Oscar Isaac has once again proved why he is the perfect fit for the role.  With a bunch of mysteries, and chaos rolled in a pinch of emotion, the latest Moon … Read more