Is Rip Wheeler Leaving Yellowstone?

Is Rip Wheeler Leaving Yellowstone

The Dutton family of ranchers runs the show at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch on Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone.’ During the fifth season, John Dutton and his crew face new difficulties as they prepare for the cattle harvest. Due to the difficulties, however, John’s trusted assistant, Rip Wheeler, has to leave the ranch.  Therefore, if Cole Hauser, who … Read more

Yellowstone Season 5 News: Is Rip Leaving Yellowstone Season 5?

Is Rip Leaving Yellowstone Season 5

With Yellowstone Season 5 knocking at the doors, several rumors are flourishing out on the Internet. One of the hottest leaks questions the return of Cole Hauser. So, is Rip leaving Yellowstone 5? Here is all we know so far. Paramount Network’s Original series Yellowstone has been one of the most entertaining series since its … Read more