Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc Is Coming This October!! Who Will Be The New Threat?

Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc

Though the Dragon Ball Super anime closed several months back, the official manga managed to keep the fans hooked up. With the most amazing and challenging characters, the manga pushed the Z-warriors through a journey of ups and downs.  After the Tournament of Power, the Dragon Ball Super manga new arc presented Moro’s ruthless activities … Read more

Master Roshi Dragon Ball: Why Master Roshi Can’t Fly?

Master Roshi Dragon Ball

While we saw Videl, Gohan’s wife mastering the art of flight, it’s pretty surprising that Goku’s first mentor, Master Roshi Dragon Ball doesn’t even know how to touch the sky. Most of the Z-fighters are masters when it comes to flying. So, have you ever wondered why Roshi couldn’t fly? Sassyshows is here with the … Read more

Top 5 Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters In The Tournament Of Power Saga

Dragon Ball Super Characters

Dragon Ball Super introduced some of the most prominent fighters in the Universe. However, with a bunch of characters diving into the plot, the fans are often curious to know – who are the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters? So, let’s see who ranks among the most powerful fighters in Dragon Ball Super.  If you … Read more

Which Dragon Ball Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Dragon Ball Character

Whether it’s the main character, Goku, or the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta, the Dragon Ball franchise has gifted anime lovers with the most interesting characters. Every Dragon Ball character has a different shade in terms of transformations, attacks, power, and more.  So, today, Sassyshows is here to tell you which Dragon Ball character you resemble … Read more

5 Shocking Rules Dragon Ball Super Angels Must Follow! We Bet You Don’t Know These Facts

Dragon Ball Super Angels

When it comes to the most powerful entities in Dragon Ball Universe, we simply can’t keep Dragon Ball Super Angels out of the scene. They are one of the most respectful as well as powerful celestial beings in the franchise.  Although we have never really seen them showcasing their true abilities, Dragon Ball has always … Read more

Dragon Ball Nappa: Why Was Nappa Bald in Dragon Ball Series?

Dragon Ball Nappa

Dragon Ball Z’s Saiyans were famed for their long, flowing hair, especially after the concept of Super Saiyans was established. Dragon Ball Nappa, Vegeta’s former servant, was bald despite being a powerful and high-ranking Saiyan.  This contradicted popular perceptions of the Saiyan race, leading to speculation among Dragon Ball fans. Was it natural for him … Read more

Vegeta Ultra Ego vs Goku Ultra Instinct – Who Will Win? The Ultimate Showdown of Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta Ultra Ego

Vegeta Ultra Ego has finally made his debut in the latest Dragon Ball Super arc, and fans are already wondering if he can beat Goku Ultra Instinct. This is a question that has been asked by fans for many years now, and it will finally be answered in the coming episodes.  Vegeta has always been … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2022 Trailer Hints at Cell’s Return? Here are some spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2022

Dragon Ball Super movie 2022 trailer hints at the return of Cell to the battleground. Here is everything we know so far. The newest Dragon Ball Super movie 2022 trailer has reignited speculation that Cell could be making a comeback. The insectoid villain was last seen in the anime series Dragon Ball Z, and his … Read more

These 15 Opposite Gender Version of Dragon Ball Characters Are Epic

Opposite Gender Version of Dragon Ball Characters

How would it be to see the female version of the most powerful Saiyan Goku? Or what will the female version of the macho-man Vegeta look like? Here are some amazing Opposite Gender Version of Dragon Ball characters who actually look good.  The Dragon Ball franchise has gifted anime lovers the most aggressive and deadly … Read more

5 Unique Fights In Dragon Ball: Contrasting Goku’s Ordinary Showdown Style 

Fights In Dragon Ball

 Sassyshows is here with the top 5 unique fights in Dragon Ball. So, here are all the hot details.  Dragon Ball is known for its high-stakes showdowns, but the series also manages to keep its fights fresh and unique. In this article, we will take a look at five of the most unique fights in … Read more