We Bet You Don’t Know These Facts About Dragon Ball Super Zeno 

Dragon Ball Super Zeno

The Dragon Ball series features a variety of overpowered characters. Aliens that demolish planets, galactic-destroying gods of destruction, and cosmological-shattering angels.  Then there is Dragon Ball Super Zeno, who turns all of these creatures into ants. Zeno, also known as the Omni-King and the supreme ruler of everything that has ever been, is, or will … Read more

How Powerful Are Zeno’s Guards?

How Powerful Are Zeno's Guards

Zeno, also known as the Omni-King, is a cute God with terrifying powers. However, this begs the issue of why such a powerful deity would require two guards for him. And from where do they originate?  In the Dragon Ball Super Multiverse, the guardians of the Omni-King are a mystery, and we currently know very … Read more