Dragon Ball Super Frieza Is The Strongest Character Right From The Start! Here’s How?

Dragon Ball Super Frieza

Dragon Ball Super Frieza has some history!! Frieza was first introduced to DBZ when planet Namek was in existence. Frieza was the head of the guinea force. The terror and chaos spread by force were unmeasurable. With the support of its guinea force, Frieza was able to rule the universe.  The chaos of Frieza was … Read more

Dragon Ball: How Powerful Is The Frieza Family?

Frieza Family min 1

When it comes to one of the most powerful Dragon Ball villains, one name we can’t keep out of the scene is Frieza. He is one of the evilest and strongest entities in the franchise. So, as history says powerful people come from powerful places, the Frieza family too tops the list in terms of … Read more

3 Shocking Mistakes Of Dragon Ball Frieza Which Led To His Defeat 

Dragon Ball Frieza

Frieza always thought that no one can defeat him and he always stayed overconfident. Overconfidence kills a man one day, and this only happened with Dragon Ball Frieza.  Though Frieza was overconfident, he was insanely powerful too. So, what led to his defeat? Sassyshows has listed down Dragon Ball Frieza’s top 3 biggest mistakes that … Read more