Y 1883: Is Margaret Responsible For The Death Of Elsa Dutton 1883?

Elsa Dutton 1883

1883’s finale broke the fans into pieces. The death of the fan-favorite character Elsa Dutton 1883 turned out to be a sharp knife stabbing the hearts of the fans.  However, with Elsa’s exit from the scene, the audience stormed the Internet with a bunch of queries. One of the hottest being – Is Margaret Dutton … Read more

The Elsa Scenes That Stunned The Fans Of Yellowstone’s 1883 

Elsa Scene

Which were the most impactful Elsa scenes that broke the fans to tears? Here is everything we know so far. Yellowstone 1883 turned out to be a bright light on the lands of pain and suffering of the Ranch family. While the show introduced a bunch of exciting characters, Isabel May’s character Elsa fascinated the … Read more

Yellowstone Elsa 1883: How Ennis And Elsa Could Have A Better Love Story Than Romeo & Juliet?

Ennis And Elsa

What would have happened if Ennis was alive till the end of 1883? Here is the fate of Ennis and Elsa’s love story.  Yellowstone prequel 1883 has simply occupied a special space in the audience’s heart. Prioritizing every element of entertainment, including thrill, action, suspense, romance, and emotion, 1883 turned out to be a hit … Read more