These Dragon Ball Characters Can Easily Defeat Black Frieza

Dragon Ball Characters

With his new transformation, Frieza is now the universe’s strongest being. So, can any of the Dragon Ball characters defeat him?  Frieza escaped both the eradication of Planet Namek and was split in half by his energy disc.  Future Trunks then caused Frieza to die for the first time. In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F, which … Read more

Freeza Black Will Be The New God Of Destruction Confirmed!! Here’s How He Will Kill Beerus!! 

Freeza Black

Dragon Ball Universe presents us with a wide mix of characters in terms of personalities and strength. While some characters are god-gifted like Gohan, some are hardworking like Frieza, Goku, and so on.  When it comes to the most hard-working character who trained day and night, Goku’s name comes at the top. However, with the … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Leaks: Who’s The Strongest In Universe 7 Now?

Dragon Ball Super Leaks

Hey FamBam, How are you, anime lovers? Good? Better? Or best? Here we are all excited to bring you Dragon Ball Super leaks, which you can’t even think of missing! Shall we start? Because it’s high time, could you read all of them? With all the hype about Dragon Ball Super leaks, we bring you … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Frieza Is The Strongest Character Right From The Start! Here’s How?

Dragon Ball Super Frieza

Dragon Ball Super Frieza has some history!! Frieza was first introduced to DBZ when planet Namek was in existence. Frieza was the head of the guinea force. The terror and chaos spread by force were unmeasurable. With the support of its guinea force, Frieza was able to rule the universe.  The chaos of Frieza was … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Leaks: Whis Confirmed Universe’s Strongest Fighter!! It’s Not Frieza

Dragon Ball Super Leaks

Hello Virtual Family, How have you been? We know you guys were waiting for us, and see, we are right here with the upcoming trending news you’ve been waiting for. So, DBS fans, it’s all about the spoilers today. So take a seat, relax back, fold your legs, and don’t just blink your eyes for … Read more

Shocking Details About Black Frieza Form!! Is Frieza Universe’s Strongest Now? 

Black Frieza Form

Hey Virtual Family, How have you been? Were you waiting for us? Because we were waiting to come to you and tell this little piece of good news we had for all the DBS fans! Yes, you heard it right! Here is all we know Black Frieza form!!  DBS fans are going mad after this crazy … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88: Who Is Black Frieza? Will He Be The New Threat?

Black Frieza

So, fans, have you read Dragon Ball Super chapter 87 or got your hands on the spoilers? If yes, tell us, who is the strongest being in the universe? Gas? Ohhhhh, no. The Universe 7 tyrant and the greatest villain of the franchise is back. The mighty Frieza has returned with a new even deadlier … Read more