Which Anime Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? 

Which Anime Character Are You

If you are an anime fan and you have faith in astrology, you have tuned into the right article. As Sassyshows is here to tell you which anime character are you based on your zodiac sign. So, without any further ado let’s jump into it.  We all know that according to astrology, every zodiac sign … Read more

Every Dragon Ball Villain Ranked From Weakest To Strongest!! The List Will Give You Goosebumps!!

Dragon Ball Villain

Dragon Ball is all about fights. It’s a roller coaster ride witnessing our favorite character unleashing new forms to save guard the world. We have seen the Z-fights, specifically, Goku fighting with tons of Dragon Ball villains.  Though the show majorly focuses on the Z-fights, the ingredients that add up the thrill and drama to … Read more

Every Dragon Ball Series In Order | All Dragon Ball Series 2021-2022

Dragon Ball Series In Order

Every Dragon Ball Series In Order!! Know The Dragon Ball Series Order  Dragon Ball has been one of the top anime franchises across the world. Running for around 30+ years, the franchise has delivered a bag full of super-entertaining series. However, if you are new to the anime, you may be a bit confused about … Read more