Survivor Season 43 Cast Revealed – Meet The New 18 Players!! 

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So, if you’re having a dull day, take a deep breath, stick your eyes just to the screen and let’s make your dull day happier! Ah, but what’s the latest trending news about? It’s about The Survivor Season 43 cast! 

Let’s have a glimpse of what Survivor’s all about!! 

Survivor season 43 cast
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It’s an American Version of the international Survivor reality competition television franchise, derived from the Swedish television series Expedition Robinson created by Charlie Parsons, which premiered in 1997. 

The American series premiered on May 31, 2000, on CBS! And yes, how can we forget the lovely host Jeff Probst, who’s also an executive producer along with Mark Burnett and the original creator, Parsons! 

So here, revealing the Survivor Season 43 Cast!! 

Survivor season 43 cast
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Yes, it’s officially released. With Maryanne Oketch as the winner of Season 42, which was conducted on the Fiji island, now we are all set for the upcoming Season 43. Yes, 18 contestants are participating. Cast members would be fighting and needed to win certain activities to be the final winner. There would be swimming, running, puzzle solving, and much more conducted! 

The contestants would be from different casts and backgrounds!! 

It’s believed that the upcoming season will be more thrilling and exciting. Cassidy Clark, who’s a designer, will be participating. Also, Cody’s Assenmacher, Dwight Moore, Elizabeth, Geo Bustambate, and so on. These are just a few; many more would be participating, too!

Some of these Survivor Season 43 Cast members are working in elevator sales and clinical psychologists; one is a graduate student, the other is working as a project manager, and so on. 

Their backgrounds are different; to date, all the seasons have been super exciting and thrilling. I can’t wait for this season, too. 

What more to expect from the upcoming Survivor Season 43 cast?

Survivor season 43 cast
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Did you know the new cast includes a nurse, a pet crematory, and a Paralympian, and, this time, contestants are from Hawaii, too? And yes, the new Survivor Season 43 cast looks super energetic and has an intense hunger to win, making this competition so exciting as everyone would be giving their best! 


Survivor 43 will premiere on September 21 at 8:00 pm with a special two-hour episode on CBS. 

Are you excited to watch it? We will keep the remote ready and are thrilled to see how the upcoming season will lead. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to follow us, as we are coming soon to all of you. 

Remember to comment below which cast character is your favorite in the comment section, guys! Sayonara! 

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