Who Is The Strongest Hunter x Hunter Nen User? Here Is The Top 5!!

Wondering who is the most powerful Nen User? Here is the complete list of the strongest Hunter x Hunter Nen users. 

Nen is a pivotal capability in the Hunter x Hunter world and an inconceivable reign in the right hands. People can use Nen to manipulate their life energy or use incredible powers through its operation, although not used by associations at large. 

Nen was introduced during the Heavens Arena bow, where Gon and Killua learned to use the fashion. But who is the strongest Hunter x Hunter Nen user? Here is the complete list. 

5 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Nen Users

1) King Meruem 

Strongest Hunter x Hunter Nen Users
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Meruem is a specialist. His main capability is Aura Synthesis, and it allows him to increase his strength after eating Nen druggies. He also has other Nen capacities similar to transformation, Rage Blast, and Photon. 

Meruem is the rugged Nen stoner in Hunter X Hunter. He resulted from the Chimera Ants’ unique Andover-powered particularity, pathogenesis, which is reproducing through consuming other organisms. The Chimera Ant Queen consumed colorful important Nen druggies while pregnant with Meruem. 

2) Isaac Netero 

Isaac Netero was the 12th president of the Hunter Association and was revered as the strongest mortal Nen stoner in Hunter X Hunter. He passed training martial trades conditioning throughout his entire life, but when he reached 46, he decided to continue his routine on top of a peak. He is presently one of the strongest Hunter x Hunter Nen users. 

During his training there, he’d perform prayers and punches each day. After all this training, he could move his arms more briskly than the haste of sound. 

During his fight with Meruem, Netero used his Nen capability, 100- Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, to keep Meruem at bay. He’d swat him like a cover by moving the arms of his Guanyin Bodhisattva more briskly than the speed of light. 

 3) Adult Gon Freecs 

Strongest Hunter x Hunter Nen Users
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Gon’s wrathfulness towards Pitou for Kite’s death was inviting. To get vengeance, he made the ultimate immolation. He gave up his capability to use Nen and implicitly gained a massive improvement. He was shown killing Pitou, the strongest royal guard, with no adversity. He used his brutal attack, Jajanken Rock, to smash their head into the ground, killing Pitou. 

4) Neferpitou( Pitou) 

The strongest custodian, Pitou, was willing to do anything for Meriem. However, they would do it without question, If Meruem commanded them to do commodities. 

Pitou’s Nen capacities are different.

Despite being special, chimeras use Manipulation and Emission to enhance their capacities. This variation in Nen types allows Pitou to be a strong outspend, amazing croaker. And superb back-over. Their fashion, Puppeteering, allowed them to control Kite though he’d formerly failed. 

 5) Menthuthuyoupi (Youpi) 

Strongest Hunter x Hunter Nen Users
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Youpi is the alternate strongest of the royal minders and is also the youngest of the three. Like the other unreality ants he fights with, he has inconceivable continuity, speed, and strength. He engaged Killua in battle but was fluently outspend since Killua had Godspeed actuated. 

Youpi is an enhancer, which makes sense considering how buff he is. His Nen capacities encompass transformation and Rage Blast, like the other Chimaera ants on this list and Rage Incarnate. 

This capability is unique to Youpi and allows him to conduct his truthfulness and shapeshift into a centaur-like being. In this form, he’s important, faster, and sinewy.

So, this was our list of the top 5 strongest Hunter x Hunter Nen users!! Who is your favorite one? 

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