Toriyama Revealed The Strongest Dragon Ball Character – It’s Not Goku Or Broly!! 

Dragon Ball franchise is loaded with the most powerful entities who are bosses with it comes to raw power and transformation.

But, if you are wondering who is the strongest Dragon Ball character, we have the answer. Read the complete article to know more. 

Who Is The Strongest Dragon Ball Character? 

Strongest Dragon Ball Character
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Whos the strongest character in Dragon Ball now? Well, you guessed it wrong, it’s not Goku or Broly. It’s Gohan. 

Gohan is one of the elegant and most popular characters in Dragon Ball’s history. His kind nature, selflessness, fascinating personality, and strong will to safeguard those who admire his character make him an adorable character many have raised to love over time. 

As per the latest leaks, he is suspected to be the strongest character in the Dragon Ball Super Super Hero. This proposition grew less popular when he was shown to have come weaker due to a lack of routine. But Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball, has further or less verified that Gohan truly is the strongest Dragon Ball character now. Here is all we know. 

Why is Dragon Ball’s Gohan titled the strongest character?

Strongest Dragon Ball Character
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Cult saw Gohan become one of the elegant fighters in the macrocosm as he grew up. Having been debunked to conflicts and terrible foes since he was a toddler, Gohan has been an active component of the Z soldiers for the utmost of his life. 

Moreover, with Buu’s attack on Earth, Gohan’s eventuality, once again, became a critical element. His practice and the custom to get the Z brand uncorked of all his retired power, allowed him to gain an entirely new configuration. 

Gohan’s Ultimate form was nearly impregnable and was the strongest of them all for a bit. Buu could solely master him by tricking him into being imbibed inside of him. 

So why did Toriyama call Gohan the strongest? 

Toriyama’s recent interview about the forthcoming movie Dragon Ball Super Super Hero verified what the author truly thinks about Gohan’s mastery.

“Gohan is stronger than anyone, or so it’s said,” Toriyama also reflected that this strength was in no way suitable to shine with the help of Goku. 

Gohan needs his first and utmost cherished schoolteacher, Piccolo, to motivate him to come to a stylish interpretation of himself. “To motivate Gohan, it takes his deified schoolteacher, Piccolo, rather than his father, Goku.” 

During Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, we saw that Gohan’s power is so big he only needs to train for days to gain back his ultimate strength. But this strength was only attained back thanks to our favorite, Namekian. 

Gohan’s secret power comes from his implicit 

Strongest Dragon Ball Character
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Gohan’s full eventuality has been achieved; he no longer has the limits that others have to break to gain further power, so this is the real reason why Toriyama called him the strongest. 

Gohan is nowhere near his father’s strength or Vegeta right now, and numerous other beings could destroy him with a single blow. 

But his eventuality is measureless. Gohan’s status as the strongest character has to do with his capability to train said possibility to the maximum. 

However, there’s no revelation about how strong he could become if he’d entered the same training as the other two Saiyans have with the divinities of their macrocosm. 

We’ll have to stay until the movie gets released next week, and also, we will see if Gohan is truly the strongest Dragon Ball character or not.

But we can be sure he’ll always be one of the elegant and most able debaters. So, what do you think? Do you accept Gohan could become the strongest Dragon ball character with proper training? 

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