Stranger Things Vecna – Top 5 Theories You Need To Know About The Villain!! 

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Now that Stranger Things 4 has released its first set of 7 episodes on May 27, 2022; we know who Stranger Things Vecna is!!! 

This was one of the most edge-taking moments when the identity of Vecna was being revealed. Friends, were you as shocked as we were to know who finally is Vecna??!! 

Stranger Things Vecna – The Lab’s Orderly – Like Really??!!

The Big Bad of the Stranger Things series, which possessed young kids in Hawkins and then gave them a horrifying death by breaking their bones and gouging their eyes, is none other than the lab’s orderly!!!

We all know that he was the one who was banished by Eleven at her younger age and pushed him into the Upside Down!! Vecna is none other than the orderly! 

The details about the Stranger Things Vecna were not revealed earlier in the entire episode unless in the last few minutes, so the viewers are left thinking for another month about what would happen now… 

Stranger Things Vecna – The Big Bad

Stranger Things Vecna
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Even before Netflix dropped the teasers, Vecna had already left his impact on the numerous minds where one question haunted day and night..What will Vecna do to our favorite characters??!!

The cries and screams of the fans had already made it sure that for Vecna, all the other threats in Hawkins to date were just a child’s play. 

Tripping Theories About Stranger Things Vecna

Now that the identity of Stranger Things Vecna is revealed, the fans have flooded their theories on Vecna, which are very interesting, and we would also suggest the Director of this Show look at it!! 

One of these theories might get a chance to be replicated in real life!!

Vecna’s Power lies in His Victims!! 

One of the Redditors claims that Vecna, the orderly, once told Eleven how traumatic memories hold immense powers. 

This might be why Stranger Things Vecna targets kids with traumatic memories. When Vecna kills these children with traumatic memories, he also takes over them and their consciousness. 

The victim’s mind becomes the mind of Vecna; their memories become Vecna’s memories!! This theory very clearly concludes how Vecna is getting more powerful. 

The Guidance Counselor – Vecna

Stranger Things Vecna
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This is also one of the most apparent theories that are taking rounds. It says that the Guidance Counselor, Ms. Kelly, is not all she shows. 

All the victims of Vecna have been seeing Ms. Kelly before their death, and Ms. Kelly could be the hook to the question of how Vecna knows about the traumatic experiences of all the children and thus the Stranger Things Vecna knew whom to target. Also, we have seen an old clock-like pendant worn by Ms. Kelly. This is suspicious!! 

Vecna Preys On Teens Specifically For A Reason

Vecna knows that the grief of the young and teens is mighty. For them, the world ends when they feel trauma very strongly about something. 

Thus stronger feelings would give him more Power!! This theory has all chances to stand true: Stranger Things Vecna targets teen victims who have weak defenses compared to others, as per a Redditor!!!.

Vecna & Mind Flayer- They are the same!!… are they??

Stranger Things Vecna
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One of the Redditors strongly suggests that Stranger Things Vecna is not a so-called high-ranked officer in the army of Mind Flayer, but the two might be the same!!

The hints like they both can control people’s minds, their obsession with spiders, and both can transform their bodies are reasons enough to point out that both might be the same!!

Ending Up!! 

We are eagerly waiting to learn more about how these theories will shape up when the final part of the installment is released on Netflix! Are you excited?!!

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