Netflix Waves Green Flag To This Stranger Things Spinoff Series!! 

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The Stranger Things fever seems undying, as a new buzz daily keeps it in the limelight for all good reasons! 

Recently, post the release of the Finale of Stranger Things Season 4 and the announcement of Stranger Things Season 5 as – The End of the Stranger Things franchise, something new is in the pipeline by the creators of the show – The Duffer Brothers. 

We are all aware of the stunning response received by Stranger Things Season 4 final two episodes last week. 

It briefly crashed the Netflix app as fans couldn’t wait to view it. The series has logged views for 1.15 billion hours on Netflix. This clearly showed how the fans have been waiting to release the final installment of Season 4 and could not wait for a second to view it at the earliest. 

The Stranger Things Spinoff Series

Stranger Things Spinoff Series
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This is the hottest new buzz in the town, and we are all here to know more about it. The twins Mike and Ross Duffer have been very excited for their latest series, yet to be in making, the Stranger Things Spinoff series, and their excitement is visible to all of their fans as they hear from the Duo these days. The fans have already started speculating what the central plot of the Stranger Things Spin-off Series will be!! 

But as assured by Duffer Brothers, The Stranger Things Spinoff series would be different from their flagship show. This is going to be new. 

Stranger Things Spinoff Series
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They also mentioned that the connection between the flagship show and the Stranger Things Spinoff series would not be the main characters but the story-telling sensibility.  

The recent rumors hint that the spin-off will focus on Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) or Steve (Joe Keery). But you never know!! And we are getting excited about it already!!!! 

Stranger Things Spinoff Series – Launch Production House

Stranger Things Spinoff Series
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We just got this fan that the hot favorite duo, The Duffer Brothers, announced the Stranger Things Spin-off and launched the production house – Upside Down Pictures!

Oh, and you know where this name comes from….the horrific realm that is in an urge to meet the real world by all means!!!! A Production House with its reputation has taken all our attention already!!


With the release of Stranger Things Season 4, the viewers have been up with their theories and assumptions about the Stranger Things Spin-off Series. 

Even Netflix, the streaming partner, greenlights the Stranger Things Spin-off Series, which assures us more than a Spin-off is in the line. About which, we heard, even Netflix is not aware of the story as of now!

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