Stranger Things Season 5 Leaks: This Character Will Return As A Villain!! 

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Stranger Things Season 5 is much-anticipated after the release of Season 4. Though it was too long for the fans, after witnessing the stunning episodes and the horrific and connecting twists and turns, we all agree that it was worth the wait!! 

There were quite a few new characters in this season, but none could beat the love and acceptance received by Joseph Quinn, AKA Eddie Munson! We are up now to share some super awesome Stranger Things Season 5 leaks!! 

Spoilers Ahead!! So, read at your own risk!! 

The Death of the Favourite – Eddie Munson

Stranger Things Season 5 Leaks
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This might be one of the significant Stranger Things Season 5 leaks. Stranger Things fans connected quite well with the new face – Eddie Quinn. The heroic sacrifice written up for his death made many fans exceptionally sentimental, making them take up the writer’s job and figure out ways to get Eddie Munson back in the season. 

Stranger Things Season 5 Leaks: Eddie Munson Might Revive – But As A Villain

Stranger Things Season 5 Leaks
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Thanks to the Dungeons and Dragons Lore, we have a theory to believe serving us as a Stranger Things Season 5 leak. 

We expect that our new favorite Eddie Munson, who got a tragic end with a heroic death in Season Four, might be back in the series for Season 5, serving as a finale to Stranger Things. 

As we all know, Stranger Things has got a hell of a selection when it comes to characters and their stellar performances. Be it Billy, Barb, or Sean’s death, none of them has received retaliation from the fans as much as Eddie Munson’s tragic demise.

If we go through tweets and other public domains, the fans are not giving in to Eddie Munson’s death and have already shared theories that might get their favorite character back in the game. 

If fanbase theories are to be believed, working as a Stranger Things Season 5 leak, Eddie might have a revival. 

With Vecna’s operating method, he consumes the mind of those who are against him and are emotionally low on defenses. 

Stranger Things Season 5 Leaks
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Vecna AKA Henry AKA 001, could do the same with Eddie Munson as well, by using him as a pawn, but with the kind of body that Eddie was left with in Upside Down after his death, hints that some other logical plots would play their part to ensure that Eddie is back. 

According to D & D’s theory, Vecna had a lieutenant, a vampire named Kas, who went against Vecna for his powers. With love for bats that Eddie had, assuming his tattooed body, there is a possibility that Eddie, too, might return as a vampire!! Now we all will have to wait for Season Five to know more about this!!


With the changing times, Stranger Things have become darker and more intense. The maturity and growth of its characters have proved time and again that they are all up to take the series to another level with their stunning performances. 

We are all ears for any buzz reaching out to us, which could shed more light on the upcoming Stranger Things Season 5 leaks! 

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