Creators Revealed This Major Character Nearly Died In Stranger Things Season 4?

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Stranger Things is up with some more exciting updates for us!

The creators of the fan-favourite sci-fi show Stranger Things have recently been giving their fandom a hot new buzz.  And we know how excited you are to understand it… so let’s jump on the ship!!

The Writers and Producers of Stranger Things, charting as one of the top ten series on Netflix, has just revealed how one of the essential characters of Season 4 was about to end his role in Season 4 itself but was saved later (thanks to the rewrite of that chapter).

The Russian Guard – Ally to Hopper

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Do you remember the nice guy, the Russian Prison Guard, who shared an intimate bond with Dmitri Antonov, also known as Enzo?  

He also became an ally to one of the most favourite characters of the show, Jim Hopper, aka David Harbour.  The papa to Eleven was saved alongside Enzo.  But the curious part of knowing here is that Enzo had to die, as per the Writer’s first script.  Later on, as per the new write-up, the character of Enzo was saved!

Changes in Stranger Things Season 4 – from the Original Plan

Stranger Things Season 4
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It is rightly said that what’s written on the page often does not end up on the screen.  With the release of the finale of Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 has served us with some total winnings, life lessons and tragic ends.  

As if Chrissy’s horrifying demise in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 was not enough, we had to let go of our new favourite Eddie in the elaborate 4 hours finale of Stranger Things Season 4.  His heroic death was saddening to the entire Fanclub of Stranger Things.  

Following it was the sad fate of Sadie Sink, aka Max ending up in a coma.  Her connection with Vecna holds an important place in the plot.  The fans also assume that absorbing Max could be the reason for the downfall of the Big Bad Vecna in Stranger Things Season 4. 

The End of Enzo – Stays in Drafts

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The Show creators of Stranger Things, popularly known as the Duffer Brothers, have been quite candid with all the interviews and podcasts, whereby they have been sharing the inside news or behind the scene stories with the fans.  Recently they had an interview with Collider’s Editor-in-Chief, Steve Weintraub. 

When asked whether the screened episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 were any different than the Writer’s written pages, they quickly answered that one more death was scheduled and planned.  Enzo couldn’t have made it further had the draft mentioning his death would have been selected for a shoot!!  Oh, that seems exciting!!


We all know that the same might happen with Stranger Things Season 5.  But that would be the last season of the franchisee Stranger Things!  

In Stranger Things Season 4, the twists and turns have taken us on a roller coaster of emotions.  

If this is Stranger Things Season 4 – The Beginning to The End, how would Stranger Things Season 5 – The End be!!

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