Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1 Left These Burning Questions!! 

Hello, Stranger Things fans!!!

It has just been a while since we have been served with one of the most horrifying seasons of the Stranger Things series, and that is none other than Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1. And to add that tad bit was the 98 mins finale with our jaws dropping and eyes popping!!! 

The Big Bad of Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1 Vecna’s identity was revealed here!!! 

This science-fiction horror drama series has received much critical acclaim and has a vast fan following!! 

The Duffer Brothers ensured that Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1 is a notch higher than its previous season in all the parameters. 

The fear factor, the gruesome deaths, and the emotional roller coaster all touched a new height making Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1 one of the scariest seasons. 

However, part 1 has left a bunch of questions unaddressed. So, let’s take a look at them!! 

The Opening Plot

Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1
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We have our favorite heroes back in the game dealing with a different set of emotions for themselves. 

Some of them with self survivor grief, while some envision themself to reach newer heights of fame. The fictional town of Hawkins and its people (which has our favorite heroes) are under threat from the biggest bad of the series – Vecna!! 

The show portrays how Chrissy faces a gruesome death, and Eddie is the prime suspect. The attempt to stop the biggest bad Vecna in Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1 results in our many heroes being stuck in the Upside Down. 

But not to forget, Eleven is all gearing up with her powers to have a showdown with Vecna, and the cliffhanger at the end of the Stranger Things SEason 4 Vol 1 makes us have the edge of our seats unless we see the second part of it releasing on July 1 

The Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1 has left us with unanswered questions and plot holes..!!

Read further to know more.

Why weren’t the vines used on Max by Vecna – his tested weapon? 

Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1
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In Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1, the vines were used on Max to trap her consciousness initially, but when Max broke free after hearing the music, Vecna did not use the vines again on her… Why did that happen? 

Instead, Vecna tried to hurt Max by throwing crumbled rocks at her, which definitely couldn’t work as the vines could have… This is something to ponder on!

Dr. Brenner survived Stranger Things Season 1 – But How???

The scene showed the gruesome death of all the others, but Dr. Brenner stood up only with a scar. He then helped Eleven regain her abilities. 

We consider that assuming Dr. Brenner is dead like all other victims could have been an assumption by the Demogorgon, but how did he manage to survive remains a question!!

Will Nancy Choose Steve or Jonathan??

Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1
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We have witnessed Steve and Nancy have deep feelings for each other. And the disconnect from Jonathan hints that Nancy would choose Steve, but the quest remains!!

Who is the real Big Bad, and why is the clock – a totem? 

It is still unsure with the fans whether Mind Flayer and Vecna are the same or Vecna is a general to Mind Flayer. 

Also, what is the secret behind the clock being used as a totem by Vecna for its victims!!


This and there would be many more questions popping up in your mind as well!!

Do let us know which questions make you ponder to get an answer after watching the gruesome Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1? 

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