Stranger Things Season 4 Theory: Is Eleven The Creator Of Upside Down? 

Hello Fandom… the world of Stranger Things is now out with its most terrifying season, and after watching it, we have witnessed the scariest version of all characters. Have you seen it as of now??? If not, then now is the time to barge on it before the 2nd volume is out in July. Till then, you can read this Stranger Things season 4 theory to get a sneak peek… 

Now that Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1 is on Netflix, one question is looming–who created the Upside Down? We have our version of the Stranger Things Season 4 Theory, which we would like to share with you!!! 

Stranger Things Theory: Who created the first gate of Upside Down?  

Stranger Things Season 4 Theory
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Let us reveal to you our version of Stranger Things Season 4 Theory. 

Finally, in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1, it is revealed that Eleven created the first gate of the Upside Down. 

The Upside Down is the key to the most mysterious events happening in the town of Hawkins. But who is the creator? 

It has been the home to Mind-Flayer and the Demogorgon, but how this home came into existence is what we shall know now. 

The creators of the show – The Duffer Brothers, have made up their minds to spill the beans by marketing the Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 as “the beginning of the end .”

Things might unveil new dimensions now as per our version of Stranger Things Season 4 Theory. 

The Battle opened the Doors – Our version of Stranger Things Season 4 Theory!! 

Stranger Things Season 4 Theory
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We have been served many significant reveals in the first volume of Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1, including how Hopper survived. 

The biggest reveals have been the face-off of Eleven with Henry Creel and how Eleven would tear open the first gate of Upside Down, pushing Henry into another dimension. 

This means that Upside Down already existed and was not created by Eleven. Maybe it was already there, ruled by the hive of Mind Flayer, and Eleven just happened to open the doorways. 

Stranger Things Season 4 Theory
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We have our version of Stranger Things Season 4 Theory to share with you fandoms!! 

The present-day Stranger Things Season 4 hints at Number One’s plan. Now that the Gates are opening, there is a possibility that the two dimensions will bind together forever once enough Gates are opened.

We might witness the Upside Down and Hawkins merging. Maybe the earthquakes shaking Upside Down could hint at the instability of the dimensions as more Gates are opening for the more extensive merger.

Also, this could be why Mind Flayer is not launching the invasion now, conserving his forces, and waiting for the union to happen. 

If that is the case, as per our Stranger Things Season 4 theory, we might witness an escalation of an excellent level in the coming episodes. 


We have had fans divided with opinions about whether Eleven created Upside Down or she just opened the gates to it? Now with Brown’s confirmation, we get a hint that Eleven was just the one who opened the Gates to Upside Down, and the Upside Down already existed before. 

The awareness the Russians had for it even before they interacted with Eleven proves the same. The last episode also revealed that Eleven transformed Henry into Vecna!! And now we are expecting a terrifying face-off of Eleven with Vecna!! Are you ready for it?? 

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