Fans Want These Shocking Changes In Stranger Things S4!! 

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With a long wait ahead for Stranger Things Final Season 5 to air, the Fanclub has already had their sleeves up with the discussions on how they could improvise the plot of their favorite series, Stranger Things. 

Stranger Things S4 to Season 5 – A Long Wait

Stranger Things S4
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The fans have been going through an absolute roller coaster of images as Stranger Things S4 has been extremely dark and intense compared to its previous seasons. 

The Duffer Brothers had made sure that the last drop of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2, with its vast chapters being released on 1st July, left the Fanclub around the world with a cliffhanger as to what will happen next? 

We are seriously worried about Max and her future in the franchise with the kind of closure touch she has received in Stranger Things Season 4. 

The Blood Bath 

Stranger Things S4
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Stranger Things Season 4 fans were apprehensive about the fate of the characters and were in a thin pot assuming who shall receive closure by the end of Season 4. 

Several characters, including Dr. Brennner, the new favorite of all, and the leader of the Hellfire Club, Eddie, came to an end. Our beloved Max’s fate is yet to be disclosed as she almost died because of Vecna, but thanks to Eleven, who brought her back to life in some ways. 

Fanclub Turned Writers 

Stranger Things S4
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Hey Duffer Brothers, this one’s for you guys! 

As the cast and crew of Stranger Things are all gearing up for the shoot of the series finale season, the Fanclub also are up to making amendments in the series to date.

Many fans feel they could have made some necessary changes in Stranger Things Season 4 to ensure a proper and justified footnote to all the characters – living or dead. 

After the permutations and combinations of all the nine episodes of Stranger Thing Season 4, a pool of suggestions were received when Redditor- u/thargarens asked StrangerThings, “If you could make any changes to Season 4, what would they be?

We are at this moment sharing with you our top 6 picks from the many suggestions received from the Stranger Things S4 fans all over the world, 

  1. How Cool Ranch Icarus wants to know what would happen to Yuri And Enzo, as they are the ones who betrayed their own country.
  2.  IsMNightElite would want to know why PAPA survived the Demogorgon attack in season 1.
  3. These words come from urban-wildlife-docs “No time jump, and no volunteering scenes. They were like, ”Yay, let’s let’s go, volunteer!!!” And one of their friends is in the hospital and might not live, and their other friend is dead. And at the last scene on the hillside, I would have had every character there.” 
  4. Queen-Lexopedia does not want to see any more new characters, as she firmly believes that by doing so, the writers can as it is barely kept up with the main cast.
  5. The last is about Eddie’s death which has raised a public petition where the fans want this beloved character from Stranger Things Season 4 back by all means. 


The fans are eagerly waiting now for the finale of the Stranger Things series to air. 

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