Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 Receives A Disappointing Release Update!! 

Recently the creators dropped a shocking update on the release of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2. So, here is everything we know. 

Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order universe has grown significantly. Not only have fans been rewarded with a sequel trilogy, two spin-off films, and two Disney+ shows (with more on the way), but the shift in leadership has also resulted in a renaissance of Star Wars in gaming. 

With its revival of the Battlefront shooting game and its critically lauded title, Jedi: Fallen Order, from the Titanfall developers, EA has been at the forefront of the gaming push.

Cal Kestis, a Padawan survivor of Order 66, was introduced to fans in Respawn’s third-person action-adventure game. The highly praised experience placed players on a journey to save the Jedi Order while avoiding the Inquisitors’ fury.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 will be exclusive to current-generation consoles

According to Bespin Bulletin, gaming industry insider Jeff Grubb revealed that the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 will be released exclusively on next-gen consoles and PC in the latest episode of his Nintendo-centric podcast.

According to the famed gaming guru, the highly-anticipated sequel will not be published on PS4 or Xbox One but will instead be confined to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2
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Many fans may be disappointed, given third parties’ recent trend of releasing blockbuster games on previous and current platforms, such as Saint’s Row, Sonic Frontiers, Gotham Knights, and Hogwarts: Legacy, which has raised expectations for a game like Fallen Order 2. 

Grubb went on to say that the sequel to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order will be formally presented during the Star Wars Celebration event in May, which is consistent with prior claims. The festival will take place throughout the weekend of May 26-29.

Fans of the previous generation of Star Wars should brace themselves for disappointment

Over two years after its release, getting your hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X is still tough. Countless gamers are still anxiously awaiting each resupply to become one of the lucky few who get their hands on one.

The number of titles that trend toward current-gen exclusive will only grow as more time passes with these systems out there. God of War: Ragnarok is the final PlayStation complete release, signaling the end of an era for the console.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2
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For many, the revelation that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 would leave older systems may be disappointing, but it also means that the game will have significantly more room to grow on the first. Respawn can now construct something significantly stronger and bigger than that of the original by eliminating support for older hardware entirely.

If Grubb’s information is correct, fans won’t have to wait long to see the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2, as the Star Wars Celebration, is just a month away.

When will Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 be released?

Grubb also confirms prior claims that Fallen Order 2 would be shown to the public during the Star Wars Celebration in May. The informal Star Wars Day was on May 4 (get it?), but the yearly Star Wars Celebration is when all of the important announcements from the galaxy far, far away are made. 

The universe of Star Wars video games is rapidly growing. We have Ubisoft’s open-world game, Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse, and rumors of a Mandalorian game alongside Fallen Order 2. All of these are fantastic, but considering the popularity of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and Cal Kestis’ fan-favorite status in such a short period, we can be assured that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 will be just as good.

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