Spiderman Theory: Actor Jacob Batalon Foreshadows Dark Future for Spider Man’s Best Friend 

Actor Jacob Batalon, who plays Peter Parker ‘s best friend in the Spiderman: No Way Home movie has talked about some dark Spiderman theory that has made the fandom worry about his character, Ned Leeds. So, here is all we know about the latest Spiderman theory

Spiderman Theory Reveals The Future Of Ned Leeds 

Spiderman Theory
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If you’re familiar with all the Spiderman movies then you would know that particular reason why the movie Spiderman: No Way Home is deemed as one of the most adventurous movies of MCU of all time is because of how much it involves the storylines of all versions of the Spiderman – Peter Parker storyline – with Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman finally being able to prevent Green Goblin’s demise and Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman finally getting his redemption of failing to save Gwen Stacy by saving MJ from falling to her death.

However, in contrast, Tom Holland’s Spiderman i.e. the Spiderman of the MCU has been less successful in this movie, as he loses everybody close to him while trying to return everything to normal. 

Spiderman Theory
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In the movie, Peter Parker i.e. Spiderman’s best friend Ned Leeds tragically loses all his memories about his superhero best friend while going through a wringer in the movie – while also losing his status as being Peter’s “man in the chair”. 

The other Spidermen of the different universes try to remind Ned about his friendship with Peter Parker before Doctor Strange’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) spell completely erases memories about his friend Peter Parker, however, the movie indicated that his best friend status may turn Ned into Peter’s future enemy at some point.

Actor Jacob Batalon has talked about this turn of the Ned Leeds – Peter Parker friendship in a roundabout way and has also teased a dark Spiderman Theory about the former best friend of the superhero.

Jacob Batalon’s reveals the Spiderman theory about Ned Leeds

Spiderman Theory
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Jacob Batalon had posted a picture of himself with a Hobgoblin action figure on his Instagram story a few days back, which is, if you’re aware of Hobgoblin being the supervillain that Ned Leeds has always been associated with, teases the dark turn of Ned Leeds in the Spiderman universe. In the lab scene of “Spiderman: No Way Home”, there was a teaser of Ned Leeds’s villain potential that could be linked back to Spiderman’s long history of friends turning into villains – which brings an ill omen for Spiderman and Peter’s friendship.

However, one has to keep in mind about the Spiderman Theory that Ned is not the only one associated with Hobgoblins, with one of the most prominent Hobgoblins being Roderick Kingsley. 

In contrast, Ned is only an innocent character of the MCU who is brainwashed to believe that he is the supervillain.


It seems unlikely that Jacob Batalon is aware of Ned Leeds’s connection with Hobgoblin, and even if he was, then it is also unlikely that Jacob will spoil anything about such a crucial detail around the Spiderman theory of the actor’s character in the superhero universe. 

Still, his vague acknowledgment of his character’s supposed dark turn in the MCU is very thrill-inducing. 


  • Will Ned Leeds become a villain in Spiderman?

In the comics, Ned Leeds eventually turns into supervillain Hobgoblin – and we might see that happening in the MCU Spiderman universe as well.

  • Will Ned Leeds become a sorcerer?

Although there are brief similarities between Ned and Dr Strange’s abilities, it is still not sure whether Ned will become a sorcerer or not.

  • Will Ned Leeds turn into Hobgoblin?

Given the reveal of Ned’s full identity in the movie and Ned’s future said in the Spiderman comics, it is possible that Ned Leeds will turn into Hobgoblin.

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