SNL Cast Members Who Hate Each Other In Real Life!! 

Saturday Night Live is a wildly popular show in America. While the show’s popularity is increasing with every new season, SNL has ignited a storm of controversies. So, today, Sassyshows is here with the list of SNL cast members who couldn’t stand each other in real life!! Read on to know more. 

Saturday Night Live is a show that has been around for over 47 years and has had a lot of influence on American comedy. 

While its weekly episodes may be light-hearted and enjoyable for many viewers, it’s also responsible for some of America’s most celebrity impressions (e.g., Will Ferrell as George W. Bush). it’s

So, many fans don’t know that some SNL cast members hate each other in real life. Surprised, right? Here is the complete list!! 

SNL Cast Members Who Hate Each Other In Real Life!! 

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Chevy Chase and Bill Murray

Despite being two of the most prominent comedy actors of the 1980s and important SNL cast members, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray didn’t always get along. 

They were so famous for their bickering that a New Yorker article says about how they didn’t get along. 

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At an event hosted by Saturday Night Live in 2012, Chase told Murray to stop making “a face like you just smelled something bad” and went on to say his face looked like the moon. 

Some people seem to refuse to admit their mistakes, but it’s better to say sorry when you make a mistake than nothing.

Chevy Chase and John Belushi 

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Saturday Night Live might have been a chance for Chevy Chase and John Belushi to raise their profile as comedians, but it turned into a battle for attention. 

Belushi’s work often overshadowed his own, and Chase was jealous of the success he was having on the show. 

Though they were later able to be friends again, their rivalry was real — and Chase never forgot it.

Michael O’Donoghue and Andy Kaufman

The feud between the writers of SNL and comedian Andy Kaufman is longstanding. 

It’s a saying that in a Comedy Central roast, Kaufman claimed Michael O’Donoghue (also in attendance) was responsible for the deaths of both John Belushi and Chris Farley. 

Stating that someone is accountable for the end of two famous comedians is never okay. That’s why it was such a big deal when Andy Kaufman made those comments during his Comedy Central roast. 

As one of the writers of Saturday Night Live at that time, he was saying this in front of two other writers who had worked closely with John Belushi and Chris Farley.

Kristen Wiig and Abby Elliot

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It’s hard to believe, but one of the biggest feuds in SNL history was between two of the most beloved SNL cast members: Kristen Wiig and Abby Elliott. 

The two fell out on the show’s set, leading to Wiig no longer appearing on Update with that show’s anchor, Seth Meyers.

John Belushi & Jane Curtin

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John Belushi’s highly publicized blunder was his treatment of the SNL cast & his co-star Jane Curtin. 

Allegedly, he made repeated and awkward advances toward her during rehearsals, resulting in Curtin distancing herself from him. To save his reputation, Belushi made several controversial remarks about women, leading to his termination.


SNL is one of the most popular and longest-running American comedy TV shows of all time. 

We know SNL for its hilarious sketches and hilarious cast members. But this article figures out the feud between the SNL cast members. Stay tuned for more interesting articles!! 

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