Shocking Reveal About Frieza New Form! Is He The Strongest Now?

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So, why are the DBS fans gaga for Frieza’s New Form?

So, everyone knows how Frieza has become the talk of the town—right? The way Goku and Vegeta were going to kill Gas and the most powerful Frieza came suddenly and just killed Gas. We witnessed Frieza new form. It was so smooth like no one was prepared for it! It just happened at a glance!

Frieza is a supervillain that has evolved over the years 

Yes, thousand times yes. Frieza has consistently appeared in different forms of the arc of the DB series. No one knew in the beginning that Frieza would be playing such an important, powerful character in the future. Some of his forms were indeed the ugliest. But, he always believed he wanted to become stronger than the legendary epic Saiyan. 

But yes, that pushed him to be more potent because Saiyans were one of the strongest. 

What does Frieza New Form look like?

No one ever imagined Frieza new form would be this extraordinary. Let’s say he’s one of the best villains to date. This time, he appeared with horns, an ugly face, and a long tail. 

BTW, DBZ fans loved Golden Frieza new form for the obvious reasons

Why this name and form? Because no one can beat him in this one. Yes, it’s true. He had a motive to set a journey from his planet to Earth to get rid of the Saiyans for a lifetime! 

Also, did you know “True Golden Frieza” is the improved version of “Golden Frieza” 

Yes, guys, even we weren’t aware of it. We confused it with the same. But this one is bolder and better. During the tournament, this Frieza new form did wonder. Everybody was amazed to see Goku and Vegeta almost being defeated!

Frieza new form powers are somewhat similar to the speed of God Of Destruction Champa

OMG, DBZ fans were awed with Frieza’s new form. It was well-mastered from the form, acquired after years of training. Frieza almost destroyed the Earth. Any Saiyan is weakest against this Frieza’s new record. With one punch and a single blast, Frieza can ruin the entire Earth! 

Ah, we know you don’t want us to stop! But we’ll be back soon

Ending with the best thing about Frieza new form was that he could survive a lot of damage and still will be stronger! Oh God, please make us Frieza for a day; we’ll be so grateful! Stay tuned! 

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