Shocking Facts On Marvel Thanos Which Are Actually False!! 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has portrayed some real iconic supervillains who are well-established characters. We all know them as Doctor Doom, Ultron, Green Goblin, and not forget the Big Bad Guy Marvel Thanos. 

Thanos is a supervillain who appears in the American Comic books published by Marvel Comics. Marvel Thanos made its first appearance in The Invincible Iron Man. Thanos’ most iconic lines are not just famous quotes, but they have a significant mark on the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Step dad to Gamora and Nebula, Marvel Thanos had his own beliefs for the universe and the survival of the same. The snap that wiped off half the world and the battle with the Avengers in the End Game is known to all and by all.

Though Thanos is incredibly famous across the Marvel cosmos, there are a bunch of facts about the Mad Titan that actually make no sense. 

False Facts Marvel Thanos That Makes No Sense!! 

Marvel Thanos
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The Mad Titan has been a killing machine with all the superpowers loaded. But as fame goes far like a wildfire, so do myths and untrue facts. 

There are many believed facts about Marvel Thanos that stand incorrect in reality. 

Let us now validate the information we all have and filter out the false ones about Marvel Thanos. 

The history behind the Mad Titan 

You are what your name reflects. Every superhero or supervillain has a significant weightage and impact on the personality of their name. 

Thanos, our Big Bad Guy, did not start with such a great name. Marvel Thanos was introduced with the name of “Dione,” given to him by his mother. 

Who knew this little guy Dione would one day be known as Thanos – the Mad Titan, the one who wiped off half the population of a planet!! 

Marvel Thanos
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What was Thanos’ actual motive?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe did play a big trick on the Marvel fans where the motivation that drives Thanos the Mad Titan is changed. 

In the movie, Thanos portrays the character of an eco-terrorist who believes in eradicating half of the universe due to depleting resources. 

But if we concentrate on the comic version, Thanos wants to impress the physical embodiment of death.

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The secret about the past life of Thanos

We have visualized Thanos as a killing machine in his MCU version. If we talk about the comics’ version,  Marvel Thanos was a fatherly figure to his two adopted assassin daughters and many other offspring. 

Thanos is one of the secret sons of the Mad Titan, along with other offspring as well. 

Marvel Thanos
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Was the Black Order really Thanos’s Offspring?

In “Avengers: Infinity War,” Ebony Maw is heard making the statement, “You are about to die at the hands of the children of Thanos.” 

This makes us think that Ebony and the rest of the Black Order are the genetic offspring of Thanos. 

But the fact is that they are none other than the ones who Thanos handpicked to be his not-so-ordinary disciples. 

Wrapping Words 

We hope you liked our version of the false facts about Marvel Thanos… the Big Bad Guy!! Stay tuned for more exciting articles in the future. 

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