This Major Character Is Leaving Sex Education Season 4!! 

Yes, people, we have to be prepared for such news. Is this a shock or surprise for all of you? These days, we are so engrossed in the stories that if any cast member leaves or enters the show, it’s like such a big deal for us-Right? 

One of the popular stars of Netflix’s hit show, Sex Education is leaving the show. Yes, this character is leaving Sex Education Season 4. So, here is all we know. 

After all, what is this Netflix Sex Education series all about? 

Sex Education Season 4
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Socially awkward high school student Otis May has no good experience in love-making or sex. Still, he gets informative guidance on his sex-ed course from living with his mom Jean, a sex therapist. Ah, and how? Being surrounded by manuals, videos, and tediously open conversations about sex and everything, now Otis becomes a pro expert on this subject. 

And what do you think, the classmates won’t be jealous? Oh, yes. When they learn about this, Otis decides to use this insider knowledge to improve his status in the school. Teenagers will be teenagers! 

OMG, he teams up with a badass girl Maeve and sets up a sex therapy clinic to solve the classmates’ problems. But through this journey of analysis is teenage sexuality, Otis realizes that he may need some therapy of his own, too! 

Fans & their favorite cast member in Sex Education Season 4

Sex Education Season 4
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Now, after three outstanding seasons, it’s apparent fans have their favorite scenes and cast members, too. A lot has happened in these three seasons where they solved the sex problems of their classmates, babies have been born, friends have come and gone, young love has bloomed, and what not? 

We are sure you guys already know about it! Well, there’s no trailer for Sex Education Season 4, too! But we have something spicy for you! 

Please! Tell us; this is not true! Is Patricia Allison not coming for Sex Education Season 4? 

Sex Education Season 4
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This is not done. But with a heavy heart, we shall still digest it. Recently in an interview, she revealed it. Patricia, herself confirmed it. 

On a Twitter video, she said she absolutely loved being in the series, but unfortunately, she won’t be joining the team in Season 4. Some other opportunities have come up. She also explained that she might be referring to some other stage work, as she recently appeared in a West End production of Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House!”. 

How much will we miss watching Ola Nyman, aka Patricia Allison?  

She and Otis have also dated for a portion of the show’s first and second seasons, but the romance soon blew up later: But we were expecting her to see in Sex Education Season 4! This news is devastating for us and the lovely fans, too! 


Another shock, please note Simone Ashley also won’t be seen in Sex Education Season 4. OMG, what’s happening? Dear producers, what’s next? Should we look forward to Season 4? Stay Tuned for exciting updates!

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