Taylor Sheridan Reveals Why There Will Be No Second Season Of 1883!! 

Second Season Of 1883

With 1883 Season 1 wrapping up with a mental breakdown for the fans, they are now clamoring for the second season of 1883. However, recently, the show creator, Taylor Sheridan revealed a disappointing update on the sequel season. So, here is everything we know about the second season of 1883. 

When it comes to the biggest TV blockbuster created in recent years, Yellowstone stands out to be at the top of the list. The franchise has nailed every aspect of entertainment. It’s smart, creative, and beautifully portrays the tradition which makes it unique and entertaining. 

Thanks to Yellowstone, the global fans got an exclusive opportunity to dive into western culture in a modern setting. Though there are a bunch of western dramas, Yellowstone brought the true sense of authenticity that made it a hit. 

So, with Yellowstone getting so much popularity, it’s obvious the creator Taylor Sheridan is keen to expand the universe and the fans want it too. The creator is on the same page with the fans when it comes to weaving new shows under the shade of Yellowstone. 

second season of 1883

Recently, Taylor Sheridan came up with a breath-taking prequel series of Yellowstone that focused on the Dutton family and their struggles, but 200 years prior. The series came up with the title ‘1883’ and it was perfect. The series got a lot of attention from the fans and with a royal cast it racked up some crazy viewership. However, in the case of 1883, being perfect seems to be not enough for getting the green light for season 2. Yes! Unfortunately, there will be no second season of 1883, and Taylor Sheridan revealed why. 

Creators Revealed Why There Will Be No Second Season Of 1883

Second Season of 1883
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Before we dive into the reasons why there will not be a second season of 1883, let’s go to a flashback to what happened in 1883 which made the fans crazy after the show. When it comes to the plot of the series, it’s pretty basic. It revolves around the Duttons, a middle-class family from Tennessee who moves to Texas to kick start their journey to the north with a light of hope to get better lives. 

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Though things may sound pretty simple, believe us there are not. Right from the beginning, it was pretty clear that the characters will have to navigate a storm of difficulties to meet their goals. The dangers of the wild west haunted them every second. There were a bunch of deaths that shook the foundation of the Dutton family. All these deaths added to the gloomy atmosphere of the show. However, at the start of the show, these tragic events were balanced by the cheerful nature and positive attitude of the show’s main protagonist, Elsa Dutton. However, the climax of 1883 Season 1 delivered the ultimate blow. 

second season of 1883
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Elsa’s lover got killed off, and she was not feeling as hopeful as before. Right from that point, we witnessed the fall of Elsa Dutton and ultimately she met her destiny, i.e., death. 

With the first season wrapping on an emotional note, the fans are wondering will there be a second season of 1883? So, here is the answer. 

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Despite the fact that 1883 has turned out to be a big hit, not only among the fans but the critics have also showered brilliant reviews, the show has truly ended. So, there will be no second season of 1883 anytime soon. The reason behind this is Taylor Sheridan has decided to bring multiple prequels for Yellowstone, taking place in different time periods. But, the worst part is all the shows will most likely have only one season. So, instead of 1883 season 2, the fans will get 1932, a new prequel with a new story. 

So, are you excited for the upcoming prequels like 1932, 6666, and more? Tell us in the comment box. 

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  1. I think there should be a continuing season 1 with Elsa coming back and the fight of polio becoming a major virus! But sadly it has already been told to by Taylor himself that it ain’t gonna to happen! 😭😢😩🥺

  2. I’m sorry that there will not be a second season of 1883 which I lived watching very much, I didn’t miss not one episode, but I wish that Mr. Sheridan and other writers would consider it though. The new series coming of 1932 should be as exciting as 1883 was and I can’t wait to watch it. Watching 1883 was a great historical show, I laughed and I also cried and had emotional feeling for every episode that aired. So in watching 1932 I hope that it will have the same effect as 1883. I think more than 1 season of these sequels should be aired cause it leaves the fans in suspense wanting to know what is coming next and if the Dutton family ever succeeded in 1883. Please don’t leave the fans in awe because for one l’d love to know how little grew up and if they became friends with the Indians or a big battle over the land what actually happened after Elsa Dutton passed, and what happened to the Indian Husband that she married. I have a lot of questions that stem from 1883.
    Newton, Georgia


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