Scarlet Witch Weakness: What Is Stopping Her From Being The Strongest Avenger??

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We all know how powerful the Scarlet Witch is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But despite all the powerful magic she holds, what stops her from being the strongest Avenger?? Let’s explore more about Scarlet Witch weakness!

Who is Scarlet Witch?

Scarlet Witch Weakness
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Scarlet Witch is a quite known character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Appearing in the comic books published by Marvel Comics, she is a fictional character created by the writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. 

It was in 1964 when Scarlet Witch first appeared in the X-Men #4 that was the Silver Age of Comic Books. 

Wanda And Scarlet Witch – Are Both The Same??

So yes, fans, Wanda and Scarlet are both the same!! It was only when Agatha Harkness realised that Wanda had chaos magic that she made her Scarlet Witch. However, Wanda does not claim this as her identity. It is only in her ultimate battle with Agatha that she does so. The release of Wanda Vision did get a caring spot for Wanda in the heart of all the audiences as she lives her journey and faces the stages of grief.

Scarlet Witch Weakness

Scarlet Witch Weakness
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Though the redhead Scarlet Witch is definitely one of the most powerful Avengers the fans would have ever seen, there are a couple of weaknesses that hold the Scarlet Witch from becoming the Earth’s Mightiest Hero!

Be it being an antagonist and depowering millions of mutants around the world or serving as a hero along with her peers to save the world, Scarlet Witch has done a lot in her entire history. 

Her absolutely stunning Chaos Magic abilities definitely make her a valuable asset but at the same time also a frightening foe!!!! But here, these powers have limits that definitely stop her from becoming a god!!

Scarlet Witch Weakness No. 1

Scarlet Witch Weakness

Scarlet Witch has two primary weaknesses that, when known by the foe, do prove to be harmful to Scarlet Witch and her allies. The first weakness is mental – as she needs to put effort into concentrating on her spells, and further casting them also takes time. This was well known by Thor, who uses it against her in Uncanny Avengers#4. 

However, Wanda admits she couldn’t win but manages to remove Thor from the battleground.

Scarlet Witch Weakness No. 2

Scarlet Witch Weakness

The second weakness, AKA limitation, is inherited in her magic. Not everyone is fueled by Chaos Magic, but Wanda is!!! What are Chaos Magic fans? It is a powerful but also a destructive force that many magic users are feared of trying and implementing!! 

This is an immense force of magic that cannot be tamed. The more Wanda tries to make it complex; the results are scarier!! So fans, she can do impossible things with her spells, but due to the inherent nature of Chaos magic, all she does ends in conflict rather than in harmony. 

Final Thoughts

So fans, we all know how powerful the Scarlet Witch is, and now we see what Scarlet Witch weakness is! This mortal character is still loved and has an immense fan following her!

Please share with us your views about Scarlet Witch and her Chaos Magic!

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